That’s not funny Ludia! And Guess which one I get first!


I know here have been talking about fuse amounts. And this also is part of them, but I almost get frustrated, because I get only 10 to Amargocephalus, but then to Postimetrodon or Stegoceratops or anything else much more! I have level 15 Amargocephalus, and fusing Tragodistis, but it doesn’t get anywhere, if I get only 10 to Amargocephalus! Of course when you get it with that way, It’s surely lovely!
And then next thing! Guess, which one I get sooner, Indominus Rex 120/200, or Tragodistis 80/200! Amargasaurus is very common rare here, but as I said, I get ONLY 10 to Amargocephalus! And tomorrow starts T-Rex :t_rex: event! I hope for Tragodistis, but looks like I get sooner Indominus!


I know what you mean. It’s completely random as to whether you’re able to fuse 10 DNA or 50 DNA into a creature, but some—like Postimetrodon—seem to have an awfully high success rate sometimes when it comes to getting high amounts of fusable DNA…Ah well. Such is life. :slight_smile:

Best of luck darting those T-Rex!


It’s a slow process. It was made to be a slow process. I, too, like instant gratification so this game can be frustrating. Keep collecting, keep fusing, eventually you’ll get there.