That’s not how dice work

Does it bother anyone else that the dice do not realistically land on one that often? I’m mean, really. Just adjust the smaller prizes to the more likely roll values. It just seems particularly lazy and greedy to artificially make the rolls hit the lower values rather than have regular rolls with the smaller rewards.

Agreed can’t seem to roll d17-20 despite winning sharpstone challenge

It’s a game of luck. Sometimes you’ll have a drought rolling lesser rewards, sometimes you’ll have a luck streak with a few high rolls in a row. Rolling a d6 6 times doesn’t guarantee a 6 is rolled, but neither does it guarantee a 1 is rolled

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And the chances of rolling 6 1’s in a row is still supposed to be around 1 in 46,656, I think. So yeah, just bad luck I suppose. Seems like the most logical answer to me