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That Special Moment

Everyone probably has that one dino they most wanted to get or hybrid to get made. I expect seeing your first Yudon is going to be that for a lot of players. But this is mine. The tournament for the Gorgo was one of the first after I started playing and seeing how thrilled everyone was at getting it made me feel even worse for missing out. It’s taken a long time to get here, with my methodical, careful way of progressing in the game but got to play with one in a tournament round and he ended up taking out all 3 of the (carnivore) opponents! Can’t wait to buy some more (if I can stop spending DNA on trades to get aquatic VIPs)!

What’s your special moment?


Congrats on the Gorgo! I mostly use my level 10 one as anti-carnivore defence in tournaments.
My special moment should be obvious, it was last week when i got the Yuty (nothing to do with Yudon, i just love him as a dinosaur). I also got excited back when i first created my level 40 T.Rex as it was my first max legendary.
Maybe if i get an Indoraptor at some point, i’ll feel it again


Yeah that level 40 T-Rex was definitely a cool moment as a young player that felt like a real high point at that time. Indoraptor definitely will be an important milestone too, but not that “special” in terms of something I am particularly yearning for, other than just getting all the hybrids and s-hybrids unlocked. Oh, and getting my missions unlocked since I’m stuck on that particular one! (Which really annoys me considering how BAD adding an Indoraptor would be for my game).


You could create it and then sell it just to complete the mission and the unlock.

If I cared that much about the missions, I guess I could, I actually only need a 31+ I-Rex to complete the mission. But using up dinos that I use all the time would be kind of silly to do just to complete missions that have virtually no reward to doing.



I’ve had 2 moments like this… like you, gorgosuchus, I desperately needed it as I had a huge ferocity gap and I won the unlock in that tournament you mention. I was unfeasibly thrilled. Embarrassingly so.

My other big moment was unlocking metriaphodon - same reason due to unbalanced line up

Gorgosuchus was such a turning point for me - hope you get the same benefits!!!


I think that , for all of us ,the strong amphibians are “something special” for the battles . But I personally take more into account the appearance of the creatures . One special moment of me is when I unlocked Diplosuchus and got barionyx . And an future special moment will (hopefully ) be when Ludia will introduce an other crocodile hybrid .



So glad you’ve got your Gorgosuchus.

I’m not sure who I’m most excited for.



or Cerazinosaurus.


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Yeah unlocking Metriaphodon via the tournament was pretty awesome, even though I haven’t yet purchased another one, as I seem to get a LOT of the VIP pteros so don’t have quite the same gap that it was needed for. Always fun to use though.


That’s definitely why I’m so eager to get Smilodon and unlock the deer cat…I just loved that thing the minute I saw it! But since I’ve been able to get a couple via the TH, that won’t be as big a deal for me now as when I didn’t have it yet.

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I can’t narrow it down to one moment. Several stand out

Winning Gastornis tournament - 1st Dominator finish. I had been playing about a month-and-a-half (it was a Cenozoic tournament, and I rode my Thylacosmilus hard) . It would be three more months before I won a Jurassic tournament, Kentrosaurus

Winning Lythronax Tournament - this was the first time Lythronax was available and I was pleased to see I could compete in high demand, first availability tournaments

Mosasaurus Clash of Titans and winning Eryops tournament - I considered these ones that got away. When these had tournaments last fall, I felt if the timing had been better and I could have devoted the proper time to them, I could have finished in Dominator. Instead, life got in the way for Mosasaurus (Thanksgiving) and Eryops glitched out. So, getting both of these felt like clearing up unfinished business.

Titanoboa - Titanoboa was the first tournament I was able to participate in. So, naturally I lost. Fast forward to the May tournament. At that point I still had not received a single Titanoboa card. To top it off, Ludia chose this as the first ever Mods tournament. I was not happy about having to participate in a Mods tournament, even though I really wanted her.


Funny the ones we remember. Titanoboa is another that I remember for NOT being able to finish in Dominator and missing out on a creature I badly wanted. I have managed to pick up one in the lottery, which got a LOT of use in PvPs for quite some time but still don’t have either of the snakes unlocked. I’ll remember Mastodon for being one where it being a mod tournament allowed me to sneak in when I still was struggling in regular tournaments.


For me it was finishing in Dominator for the first time. The second was finishing in Dominator without spending bucks on cool downs.


Couldn’t have been that special for me since I don’t really remember exactly which one that was! (I think it was the Tupuxuara but not sure). Both of those would have been the same for me, since I never resorted to using CDs… always been too cheap to spend my DBs!

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Mosasaurs was a good moment for me too

I missed out on titanoboa, mastodon, lythronax and gastornis

All of those hit me hard, especially caverns unlocks which took me a year to get over. Then my caverns got nerfed and I had a major hissy fit


I’ve had a few of these:

  • I would say the first was a level 40 Dimetrodon. I’ve been playing this game since 2015 when the game came out. I remember when there were no Cenozoics, no Aquatics, no tournament creatures, and no tournament hybrids. Back then the priotrodon was the top hybrid. So Dimetrodon was one of the top dinosaurs. And it was one of my favorites growing up, because it was even a dinosaur, it’s a pre-mammalian species. It was amazing to finally evolve that level 40.

  • My phone was junk and couldn’t run the app after awhile. I kept it downloaded and when I got a new phone I was able to access it again. My my how things had changed! It was the Woolly Mammoth tournament, my first dominator win, only about a year ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. I spent 6,000 DBs to win that sucker and now I don’t spend DBs to win a tournament at all. It felt really nice to open the tourney pack. We’ve all been there.

  • The last was the mosasaurus. Seeing it in the theatre in 3D was AMAZING. It was just like the feeding sequence in the game but was breathtaking. My first opportunity to win one came this year during the clash of titans. And opening that pack was sweet victory. If I recall correctly, mosasaurus was the very first tourney creature (don’t quote me on this pls :joy:), or at least the first memorable one for me. Dunkleosteus is a close second. I’ve always been an evolutionary biology nut and I’ve got a fossil saved on my eBay of a Dunkleosteus skull fossil. Y’all should check it out.

  • The next one will be titanoboa. The largest snake that ever lived will be a nice prize.


Also thank for starting the thread @Mary_Jo, I think it’s a great topic and a really nice one to get people reminiscing. Congrats on the Gorgo! I unlocked her not too far back and she is a wonderful addition to the amphibian lineup.


That’s a great list. I do love seeing how many people that play the game are as passionate about prehistoric animals as myself.

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Thanks @Mary_Jo. This is a wonderful thread. I’m happy to be interacting with others like myself. What’s your favorite prehistoric creature?

I always had a special love for the Ice Age period, and dragged my Mom to the La Brea Tar Pits when we visited LA a few years ago to her complete bafflement! As an adult was a big fan of Jean Auel’s Earth’s Children book series of the same time period as well (the earlier books at least). So it’d be as toss-up for me between the Wooly Mammoth and Smilodon (saber-tooth tiger). Love many of the dinosaurs as well, but prehistoric mammals have my heart.

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