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That'll be the Trophy Reset so

Was in the Gyro Depot for a while, but the reset bumped me down to the Library, where I won my 1st game of the new season, putting me back in the Depot.

Then I met this team…

Lost 3-2, but honestly, I got some lucky RNG. Otherwise, I’d have been slaughtered.

How can Ludia think pushing teams that strong so far down is going to make people want to play more?

Idk I was lucky to have 2x8h incubators aroud, I’ll leave those to incubate until tomorrow…hopefully I can finally win a game till then…

and thanks for reminding me that rest happened today. I’m barely in Library as it is. Not gonna want to be slaughtered. :worried:

Phew - thought that was me for a moment but my Maxima isn’t quite that boosted

Haha haha you got it easy

You at least had a chance. Meanwhile he got to cloak twice, dodge every hit. My erlidom and Thor got one shot and my magna got out speed.


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This happens every reset, cant really be surprised at this point. Going to have to wait a week or 2 until people gets back to their spot. Until then, expect a lot of … variety in your battles!

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Laughs as he fights an erlidom that swept by always critting and fighting an indo1 with 138 speed, all in lower aviary

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And then we get another reset about a week later or more likely droppers come in trying to escape that 2min timer. I feel the reset should be at least every two months

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The way they do these resets are silly.
They have had months of feedback.
I really don’t know why they keep doing it.

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Kelenken is a worse reward than Blue.
They are going to have to come up with something better than that if they want people to put up with a 2 min timer.

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Mammoth/Grypo/Erliko/Euclado/Nasuto would be good seasons