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Thats a weird looking pachy


Uh…what happened to pachy?

Wheres my pachy??? It wouldve gotten all my attempts.

tenor (13)


im sad too (10)

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It does suck a bit, but at least pyro makes magna who is a top 5 creature (no less than top 10 for sure). Nemyes is not that amazing.

On one of my kids games he can dart pachy but on mine it’s bary and pyro

I just did pyro.


Hi, veteran of this game here. Bary is PROBABLY hard-capped at 50k by now (no way to check without wasting ungodly amounts of coin in one of two ways to calculate if it is) and Magna took a little under two years but I got 'er at 30 and haven’t even had Pyroraptor cross my mind since then outside of ‘oh hey, a wild Pyro, I MAY AS WELL DART IT for no reason other than to dart it’.

I was really looking forward to Pachy because there’s not terribly much to work on besides side-projects that are mostly (but not all) limited to coin and Pachy is just simply a more reasonable choice of the epics they originally presented in the schedule given the vomit-inducing, so-called “community votes” which yielded only one creature (Arctops) that wasn’t a 100% insult to my intelligence (and every other player with heavy time invested into this game).

Kinda makes a fella wonder if they lost the files/they got corrupted for that vote and Ludia is too embrassed to be forthcoming with it and decided to just do whatever they liked with the schedule and threw Arctops in as a freebie that, if left off, would have been damning evidence to the fact something was amiss.

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Im mad cuz it said rares till friday and well friday came and boon gone. I needed like 4 more attempts to use.

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Um, not all new players have reserves of pyro stashed. You gotta incorporate the newer players as well. Pyro is a good choice as it may help newer players make mags while helping older ones max it out. Bary is also decent as tryo is decent and a good raid option, and not every player, especially new ones, have a bunch of bary saved up. You can’t JUST look at the older veterans. You gotta incorporate the newer audience as well in any business

I’m aware. I’m simply pointing out one observation as to why Pachy can be considered something worth going for, despite it not being the absolute top of the meta and then, as an aside, sprinkling in the idea for the community votes as a whole that defy logic since they included non-sensical choices to anyone who could be bothered looking at what is actually useful.

I would say tryo is MORE useful than nemyes because of how big raids are, so that is another reason why bary isn’t a bad choice. Newer players can acquire tryo and do better in the bigger raids. It’s not “nonsensical” to cater to new players and help them get the things they need for a large part of the game, especially if it’s arena locked

Ludia could not spell pachycephalosaurus so they went to the thing they knew best: baryonyx.


I’m not exclusively talking about the epics when I mention non-sensical votes but I fully understand that my post doesn’t really clarify that, being that I only specifically mention Arctops as a non-epic choice (or “choice”, depending what you choose to believe).

Why are you complaining about the rares? They were the best part of this week. Quetz is exclusive, and touj makes a top 3 creature in the game and a very solid raid creature. Then you have arctops, which is another exclusive. There is very rarely a week with so many good rares that it’s impossible to make a bad choice

I’m not going to keep explaining the nuances of the English language. Choose to believe what you want, right or wrong about your interpretation of my words. I’m just sighing in exasperation by now and I’m calmly writing this so as to not only portray my total lack of faith in the education system but also so as to keep myself from spouting off things I would regret to blast you and others with.

All I’m going to ask of you is to stop hyper-focusing on ONE aspect of anything that is said and try, just TRY, to extrapolate information as a whole without having people frustrated why they may get sick of explaining things. I have had such capacity to learn from an early age without being told and while I still got a lot of things wrong regardless, I’m hoping you can get a leg up so as to not irritate the living daylight out of others.

Going after my education is not constructive to any argument

They changed it

There’s that hyper-focus again. You are doing nothing but making assumptions and it’s tiresome. If you really want to continue on to the point where it would seem as though there’s no rational conclusion to reach outside of some bizarre scenario where this may just be some way to “win” a non-existent argument you conjured out of thin air, I’m no longer participating.