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That's it I quit 😭😭

I should have her in a couple of days but whyyyyy :sob::sob:


But be careful, the mods may hit you with that:

β€œClosed. (Goodbye/Quitting Thread)” :unamused::roll_eyes:


Thank you,Bwaa i hope not haha I can’t quit this game I love battling dinos to much. :sweat_smile::joy:


aaaahhh another case of this huh?

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Ouch the curse of 10s

Not to sidetrack the thread, but yay…a Pug. I’ve always loved those snoring snotting little beasts.


Shes a potato :joy:

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I mean - save your coin friend. That dino is basically trash this meta

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Meta matters none for me sir I play the dinos i like and that look cool,Kinda trying to use a theme with all the chicken dinos. SHe’s the closest one to unlocking. And one more chicken to my team :smiley:


luck of the draw actually, we have all been in the very same boat as you time and time again just missing out on getting the dino we want so badly we fuse and wouldnt you know it … pipped at the post by a few lousy strands of dino dna,… lol

Luckily for you Dilorach is now mostly a trophy. You will get it with next fuse.

I’m so sorry to hear about this, but don’t worry. Dilorach isn’t good in this meta.