That's it I'm done not one more dime not one more minute of my time


Every part of this game is just a big money suck I’m not playing anymore I should just delete my account… will just let it go to sleep for a year …will see if they can maintain this business model. Bad connections have to be 2 feet from any of the events… there are so many problems when the game just frustrates the hell out of you why even bother with it anymore thank you Developers


OK bye I guess :wave:


See you in a year. :wink:


Yes the game is a money pit and there are an insane amount of problems with each update :joy::man_shrugging: But dont come back in a year and complain that everyone has much better dinos than you :roll_eyes::joy:


We have seen allot of these good bye threads. I won’t post one even if I do leave (never happen with this crack like game). Just in case I want to come back and not look like a tool!


Parting is such sweet sorrow…buh buh. :wave:


The game is only a money pit if you spend, me and a lot of others or marking progress and never spent a penny.slow yes are any in the top 500 probably I don’t care I’m not in the top lot it’s a game, I’m out walking with family and friends collecting vr dinosaurs it’s fun it’s a game treat it as such,will Ludia be sorry to see you go probably not will any of the 250,000 others players be sorry probably not :+1:t3:


Looks like a lot of people have been sucked into the money pit…really you level up and they let you buy a incubator for 50 bucks…lol…but most of these responses miss the point…see you in a year…how juvenile… it would be nice if the developer’s would get the point I don’t think they get the point it’s all about enticing you to spend hundreds of dollars a month… the game structure is so obvious… everybody has to make a living but gouging…nah. you wait and see this game won’t be around in a year due to its money structure


I think these posts have been killed pretty much by the amoint of people posting about the prices and how Ludia should lower there prices etc.

Firstly we should all be grown adults here… This isn’t one of those child friendly games you download and give to your children… As yes real money is involved and alot of it. Therefore, as an adult you should know when to stop or like many don’t spend a dime. Takes longer but no pain no gain…

Complaining on a forum about the game will get us nowhere… infact it probably will just make your blood boil even more… Is it right that they charge so much? No is the answer of course, however then the decision to stay and play for free or to go and delete the game is yours.

If you really don’t like the game then you can send them a support email or go blog about it somewhere else.


That’s my point why spend hundreds of $or£ every month then cry about it.its a game treat it as such no one makes them spend $70 on a incubator.ive never spent a penny am. I on top no and don’t care :+1:t3:


You sound extremely wise… Nobody is holding a gun to your head, you make the choice. Another thing, is yes the games not perfect but it will get there, its only been out for a few months. Pokemon Go had issues at first when it came out. And again, don’t like the bugs, walk away :smiley: