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That’s more like ludia… there’s more in that incubator than the upcoming update.


this may actually make them loose a bit money.
they’re giving out free boosts and equal parts HC with the purchase of a Primium inc.


it’s a trap.


Wait. People still spend money in this game?


True. If you look at this from a non-sale ‘value’ point of view this is what you have:

15,000 HC: Value $99.99 USD

500 Boosts: Value10,000 HC = $66.67 USD

Incubator with 35,000 coins = $4.20 USD

Total “Value” minus DNA = $170.86 USD

Uhm… its just bits and bites. Costs for Ludia $ 1,-


If that. I am just putting cost vs ‘value’ to purchasing package contents separately at non-sale prices. It is up to each user as to its actual ‘worth’.


Damn man only 100 bux? Someone’s gunna lose their DinoBux bonus over this debacle, should’ve been a grand.

not gonna lie, when i saw these this morning, i thought we got another trainer bundle type thing.
highly disappointed that it was boosts.

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What I wanna know is who in their right mind at the company would think 100 bux for pixels is even remotely justified, full fledged AAA title games in AUSSIE dollars that have thousands of hours of dev time put into then cost less.

And it’s not like this package was hard to put together, probably some intern made it while on the toilet.


with 1.12 coming, maybe some new micro transactions can happen. I’d buy a few more trainer bundles at least when the update drops. need all that FIP for the snakes.


I can say that early in the game, when I still thought getting a level 30 crew together was the end-game goal, I would wait for packages like this rather than just purchase the HC alone, even on sale. Doing the calculation, it was always a better ‘value’ to wait and get HC and coins at the sale price in a package with DNA as an extra.

With Boosts having never been offered for sale at a discount, this would be a good ‘value’ if one was to want to purchase boosts and needed HC. You are effectively getting 15,000 HC at 33% of ‘regular’ non-sale price ($33 instead of $100). The most HC has been on sale for was at 66% so a user would be saving another ~$33.00 on the HC alone.

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But will they be actual micro transactions or Ludias micro transactions? Their version tends to be a macro transaction.

Honestly there should never have been anything for sale in this game over $10, not even big bundles. If they had tons of like $2 sales they would have made way more money.


Yeah that’s a good point but you also need to consider the actual in game value, because while it may seem big, what would all that even get you in terms of game progress? A hundred trophies? A few levels that ultimately wont matter anyway due to the bad matchmaking or OP dinosaur?

The question is, would you pay 100 to see your level 28 dead on the arena floor, instead of your level 27 dead on the arena floor? Lol


Considering there prices and stuff. This is a “good deal” in Ludia terms. But it’s a bit over priced still.

Also, there themed incubators should consider something imo.

Hear me out.

Blue theme incubator 19.99$ you get 200 blue dna. That’s pretty awesome you get 4 fuses out of that.

Brachi theme incubator 19.99$ you get 200 brachi dna that’s garbage you get 1fuse on maxima for 20$.

They should consider a setup like that, where it’s not a set amount but a set amount of fuses.

€100,- for absolutely nothing. No gain in arena, no gain in levelling specific creatures only swapping real cash for an illusion (boosts) and Monopoly money. I’d rather donate €100 to Australia and Ludia should have at least donated a part of this RIDICULOUS AMOUNT as well. Shame on them


So you buy this offers , you apply the boosts and even raise a couple of dinos in your team automatically you will be facing dinos with a lot more boosts applied And 3 or 4 level higher than a day before , then you drop like 400 trophies after having a “ better team” and spending 100 dlls.
How is it a good deal again ?


Exactly, with team strength matchmaking when you make your team stronger, you have also made the selected opponent stronger…


Logged in to check the Aussie version of the madness, yep they dont disappoint…

There is a trainer bundle for sale.