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Thawfest arena won't load

I can’t get the Thawfest arena to load properly since the last season ended and I installed the new update. It shows my team, but never actually finds an opponent. All I get is the swirling circle. And before you ask, I restarted the game, restarted my phone, and even reinstalled the game, and I still get the pic below.


I have the same issue, though i was able to do 3 battles before the matchmaking broke.

I am also having the problem after the update. Just after the last season ended I could still get properly matched but after the update it got broken.

Yep, same here, it’s making me insane!!!

Ned said they are forwarding the info to their team to look into this issue. It seems it is affecting everyone.

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Same issue too.

I have the same issue!

I have the same. Have all had the same quick response time, ie no response

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Same here! Ludia should reward everyone with a 5 star dragon for the inconvenience!


Yep, me too I only got a few battles in after the new season started before the match making broke

Same here. Took all the same steps with the same outcome. Any eta?

I have the same problem too!! Does anyone have any updates regarding this? Thanks :blush: