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Thawfest bug

So check out these pics. This is why I’ve stopped playing Thawfest. I had killed off the first 2 dragons, and all of a sudden I get this message just when I try to use Dreadfall’s shot.

It looked like it corrected, and so I continued on with the battle. Now the opponent team is down to ONE dragon, and I still have ALL FIVE of mine with more than half health. Then suddenly I get another notice:

So I lost, and LOST MY 5 BATTLE BONUS, because the server had to catch up???

And if you look closely at the 2nd pic, you can SEE nearly all the health is left in the 3 dragons on the right. The only one that maybe should have died was Gasleak (purple Gastly Zapplejack), but I should have won hands down.

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I’m sorry that happened, dbigner. Our team is working on a solution to this issue. In the meantime, could you contact our support team here at with your support key, so our team can try to make this right for you? Thanks!

This is happening to me too! Usually I can work around it but lately it’s out of control just popping up over and over.

And beware Melanie! It’s worse now with this update!! 7 times in ONE game!

The same thing just happened to me too. I send screenshots to support too. We’ll see what they will reply.

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