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Thawfest Emporium Items Don't Reset

It has been three seasons in a row now where the Thawfest Emporium item counts have not reset. I’ve reached out to support multiple times on the app but I get no responses of value. Finally, I’ve made an account and am posting here simply to see if anything happens. Anyone else have this issue?

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I have one, too. I used to be like you, three times in a row. But in the previous season, it did reset. Now, it didn’t reset back.I think you should send a report along with some screenshots, they may help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Usually closing out and restarting the game does it for me. I have this issue and an issue with the timers for energies. It’ll count down and the clock will disappear and I have to restart the game before the energies appear. It’s frustrating, but it could be worse.

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