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Thawfest emporium took medals

I was scrolling down the items in the emporium. As I’m scrolling the exploration energy pops up (I’m assuming I scrolled too hard) So the energy symbol pops up,staggering in flashes, if you can picture it. Almost like its staggering then a couple second freeze. It never asks me am I sure I want to purchase. After the little freeze I lose 500 medals and now have 5 energy. I dont want energy of any kind. Here is the screenshot,you can see one energy is missing. That glitch cost me 500 hard earned medals. Not happy about this.

Thats not good :frowning: I’m really sorry to hear about that glitch happening to you @AlphaAva, 500 medals is a pretty hefty sum.

When it popped up on screen, did you try clicking anywhere to get rid of it? I’m curious if this glitch did flash a frame (like a split second of it) of the confirmation window and just accepted any clicks as agreement.

Nonetheless, have you tried contacting support about this yet? If you’d like to contact them outside of in-game channels, you can email them at