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Thawfest Games keep crashing

This game is entirely not playable. Every 6 out 10, always crash right when starting the battle. Not only I lost 1 point, I keep loosing battle points without even playing it. Is this ever going to be fixed?

That’s not good. What kind of crashes are they? Complete game crashes, where the game closes completely? Or are you getting discrepancy/server errors?

I’m asking because depending on your answer (and what you’re playing on, iPhone, Android, etc) there’s some things you’ll be able to do too that should help fix, if not make for a smoother playing experience. I’ll be happy to go into further detail when you respond :slight_smile:

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Screen turn black and app closed. The game closes on several points:
(1) after a few battles or upgrading levels
(2) after a few back and forth between main screen collecting rewards and battles
(3) during upgrades
(4) network reconnect message appeared
and more…

Basically I have to get used to restarting after a few battles (~4-5 battles or 3 upgrades), otherwise I will experience app crashing and loose either points on thawfest games, or dragons on upgrades, or energy and fishes and treasure coins.

I have better chance of not crashing if I stay inside the quests windows. I can have more than 4 battles, sometimes if lucky, up to 8 or 9, but all depends if I need to open the viking chests.

I have continually tested these since I posted here last, the situation never changed.

The latest problem was the lost of trophies out of the blue. I just found out that it was caused by mixed of battle state (thawfest or quests). I already moved to quests from thawfest, but the game state remains in thawfest. So I have to pay close attention to the energy count. If it shows up RED with lesser energy count while I am in the quests, then the mix is happening. At this point, I have to restart.

Hi @elseane, I had similar issues on my old device - may I ask if your device has the recommended (necessary) amount of 1.5 GB RAM?

Connection issues occur on my (new) device as well, but nothing else.

Unfortunately, as @Bee stated, all these problems happening all together and with the frequency of occurrence, it usually indicates an issue with the device itself. Either with it not meeting the requirements (and you can usually get away with skirting beneath the minimum requirements, but you’ll probably still have some issues here and there) or with your system not having enough internal storage space available and/or RAM.

You can get by with restarts because you’re flushing the cache when you do. So things like clearing the cache (if you have an Android) after closing the game will probably help make things a bit smoother, but I can’t really say by how much. And when things get really hairy, probably full reinstalls. But that’s all flimsy bandaging and duct tape at best. Your best bet would be to free up internal storage, or, if that’s not the problem at hand, play the game on a device better suited for the game.

I know that’s easier said than done, considering we work with what we got :confused: I’m sorry. I can say, however, that the connection issues are (again, as @Bee said) a problem with the game itself, and not on your end. For whatever comfort that may provide.

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