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The 1.7 update to Sarcorixis is backwards. Why?


OK Sarcorixis is supposed to be an upgrade when you combine the rare Einiasuchus with the common Sarcosuchus. For being an upgrade, it is the worst upgrade in the game based on value added.
Sarcorixis has less hitpoints at 3840 to Einiasuchos 3870. Sarcorixis has less armor at 15% to Einiasuchus 20%, they have equal damage at 1300 and equal speed of 117. Their skill sets are basically the same, with both having ferocious strike and greater stunning impact, which are the skills sets that are normally their first two moves. Einiaisuchos has a regeneration cleanse ability, while Sarcorixis has a garbage pinning ability.
Ludia recognized that Sarcorixis was a downgrade in the past and raised the damage up a little to try to equate them. The only reason why Sarcorixis beats an equal level Einiasuchus is because of the speed differential of Epic versus rare. Otherwise a 1 level higher Einiasuchus beats a Sarcorixis.
What do they do now? Well they raise the common ingredient damage of Sarcosuchus to 1270 from 1000 and then inexplicably lower Sarcorixis damage from 1300 to 1190? Why? It does not even make sense. Two creatures that produce a damage of 1300 and 1270 should not create something with a damage of 1190. You also raised the hitpoints of Sarcorixis by about 9% to match Sarcosuchus but that does not even come close to make up for such a massive reduction of damage.
Sarcorixis has gone from the worst value upgrade in the game to a downgrade. I really don’t understand why.


It’s harder to create/level too because sarco is on parks


Once upon a time I tried to make Sarcorixis work and couldnt. Ludia aren’t even trying to make dino’s of same level and class equal. And the new matchmaking will probably assume they have.


all the new epics that Ludia release now are awesome, and doesn’t make sense why Sarcorixis it’s so bad and they still make it worse


They did it to make you ask that question.

Or they wanted to make crocodile players focus on the other ones.

They tend to do that … Need one to make you consider others.

Last patch no new sauropod braciosarus got a buff. This patch new sauropod braciosarus got a Nerf.

It’s just what they do.


What I can’t figure out is why the moderators locked this post down for a while. Is it based on length of post, or is it based on some key words.