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The 1st Level 30 T-Rex


I finally did it. Here’s some clips of it in action. Now I can finally just use T-Rex for fusing.


Haha that thing is a beast


Congrats @TheMaxx!


what a waste of DNA and coins, yup, it’s not a bad dino but i don’t think what u do it’s the best decision. well… congratulations btw


Very VERY cool!!! Congrats!!! Very jealous!!! (Of that dilo too!)



Big like :+1::ok_hand:


Nice work! There’s something extremely satisfying about watching her chomp through evasive haha.





Hi everyone one


I didn’t watch every match in that clip, but every one I did watch I couldn’t help but smile when she got the killing blow on all those hybrid mongrels.

Good job!


Maxx I commend you, you must have lots resources and patience to really level up this bad boy. Kudos to you. I’ve stopped watching your videos in the halfway mark it’s just to painful for the people facing you. I feel their pain.