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The 2.1 disappointments

you have to admit, the hybrids this update suck let me review them.

instrotherium: this thing has bad attack for its speed, its revenge move is worthless, and its other moves are ok, I don’t recommend it.

pokedei: has only strikes, plus you can through in any creature that has a resilient move and beat it.

the new turtle: awful, just awful. attacks, not good enough for a unique, hp not the best for a resilient creature, attack is not suitable for its hp and speed, it is the worst turtle hybrid, worse than carbo, worse than megolania, worse than the unique deer, worse than nemys, worse than lania.


Hey remember when I said that the turtle was gonna be trash and some people didn’t think so…ya.

As for the other two I think for a rare it’s fine not that good but it shouldn’t be (looking at you sucho) as for poki ya it needs a buff but what can you really do when the meta is resilient

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Recently this JWA GAME really suck. Bugs error too many, especially battle system is really like a rubbish, I’m never see other games company will let the bugs system continuously appear, after upgrading few versions system. All the losses trophies points is due to the system error will count on player oneself. We every month pay the subscription, but we get unfair treatment. So what for we continue monthly support funds to this game?

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they have 7 other games at once but those were all base games. They’re not used to this but they shouldn’t let bugs happen tho. I mean, this game has the most potential out of all theirs and their thowing it away.

It’s not worse than meiolania, but I was hoping for something good when they said “high attack, hp, and armor”

what about the fact that they took acro out? disappointed me

Lol I mean meio can handle dodger and distracting speedsters with easy; this thing not so much

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Accidentally adding a real dinosaur, a cool dinosaur one too and the taking it away. By far the best part of 2.1 and it was taken from us.


Agreed, but this is what’s annoying me about all the recent updates:

There are barely any new dinos to actually hunt and only a couple of hybrids. Ludia add a handful of new dinos to each update now. We used to get 15-20 per update! Now it’s down to about 5 or 6.


Agreed. For us long time players, there is very little reason to go out hunting anymore. We need prehistoric creatures each update so we have a reason to get out there again.


Well…Im not disappointed because of all the disappointments of ludia. I’ll be disappointed if there isnt anything to be disappointed about! Ludia, and not the game, is A big disappointment! Its so disappointing that I was able to mention “disappoint” so many times!

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By the time Android patch went through I was done for the day so I didn’t get much hands on.
Log on to discord this morning and alliance chat is on fire.
Still reading and trying to catch up on everything, but this is the jist I got so far.

Didn’t look as nice as I expected but still OK

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not fixing match making… still spend the entire time fighting people you should not even be matched with.

I like it. I think it looks MEAN. It’s the first cool looking hybrid in a while.

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The skin is a bit of something you will see when you shear a sheep

Lol!! Yeah. The head is mean looking. But I don’t like these Cenozoic creatures.

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They should have add a bit more of the sevia colour

And one wired thing they give sevia 2 hybrids but none for arctops

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During raids yesterday, I noticed that invincibility and emergency heal are not working. Today during pvp invincibility is still not working. This update really sucks. If your intention is to drive people away from the game then it is working.

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I can’t believe the new turtles entry is so horrific. Fur to keep it warm!? Last time I checked fur doesn’t help cold blooded animals. I didn’t expectych from the update and wasn’t surprised.