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The 2.9 Update in a Nutshell, but with spikes

  • No good optimisation was done to the game, still has decade old bugs (its not decade old but it sure feels like it)
  • No real Balancing was done
  • No boost reset, aka, not listening to the player
  • Higher VIP prices?
  • And the biggest Offender its the Login issue that Me and (most likely) THOUSANDS of people, new people aswell, are witnessing this right now and can’t log in, even after almost 4 days
  • No real testing was done, im almost happy that i dont get to fight against the abomination monster that is Hadros Lux and many other Resilients.

We know right, the updates just keep coming, and while they do fix some bugs, there are many that remain, update after update. We want the devs to focus on game optimisation rather than updates. For example, I can’t even raid two bosses without having to reset the game, because the previous reward pops up and you are stuck from there.
The way they are changing creatures, brings fresh gameplay, making us have to think a bit differently. We can complain every update about this, but they have to do this for the fun of it, even if some players are going to dislike it. My pvp battles have been great since the update.

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