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The 2 queens of 2.0

So, I’ve read the patch notes. And after some analyzing there were 2 that stood out as being the strongest dinos in the arena

  1. Tenontorex. This thing just got buffed to the moon and back. Extremely versatile and has the tools to deal with just about every dino in the game.

  2. Quetzorion. While losing 20 attack, quetzorion gained the broken crafty strike, while also having buffed hp. It now has all these resistances while keeping the immune to distract. Erlidom having hp nerfed also allows Orion to one shot it with nul rampage again. 130 speed is crucial to beating the 129 and 128 speed dinos. You might think, what about slowers? Well because of its buffed hp, Orion can survive the resilient attack + a dodged attack and will later absolutely shred.

These 2 are interchangeable in terms of power (though I think tenrex is better in unboosted while Orion is better in boosted). They even have a 50% chance to beat each other (mind games). All in all, these 2 are in my opinion the clear strongest dinos in 2.0.


I would say tryko and maxima. I am unsure about healing with tenonto, but Tryko and maxima and gonna destroy both

Tryko has a resilient counter, so quetz is always slowed when it hits. And maxima is too bulky for quetz


For me, the 1900 dmg of tenonto are an error, we hope

that = t-rex atk

The hadrosaurs gained massive damage buffs, and tenonto already had high damage, so they probably did want it to have 1900

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Nullifying Counter on Quetzorion also means it can be swapped in and still maintain the speed advantage on Erlidominus.

For me it’s still Maxima… Yes, DoT means that it may end up being a tie, but otherwise, currently not much can kill it, or otherwise will take a while to get to a level where it will be able to deal with it. But I also agree with your two choices. Let say top 3 then?

also dio seems be pretty useful after the update

I still say quetz isn’t in the top 3. Dodgers took a MASSIVE hit this patch, and with it’s low hp, quetz is really vulnerable. Is it a top tier? yes. Is it top top tier? No.


It can output 3600 damage in 1 turn, which basically 1-shots quetz


Ok, but 1900 dmg+clear distr+shattering rampage+67% stun resistance+regen, is too much

Then Dracoceratosaurus presents itself “Hahahahaha Rat goes brrr!”

But quetz has long invincibility

Lol a hadrosaur has the same damage as a T. rex. I love my tenonto


And Tenontosaurus is now exclusive. So I’m sure it’s supposed to be 1900, though I’ll agree it seems a little too high. We’ll see.

True, but when that’s gone…
Also, there are so many shield breakers that also deal with speedsters that quetz isn’t gonna be sweeping teams anytime soon