The 2 types of Hybrids

Hi Everyone, I know I’m new here so don’t take this too seriously. As you all know, the Chromaspinus, the new hybrid between Para gen 2 and Spino gen 2. Many people on the forums have complained about the bad stats and 4k DNA price increase to Yudon. I would just like to point out that there are 2 types of hybrids, the useful ones and the collectors ones. The Chromaspinus is one of the hybrids that firmly falls into the collector category along with Parasaura, Koolasaurs, Glythorax, Entelorhacos, and finally Rajastega. Now I know these opinions may have their fare share of objections and criticisms, but the dinosaurs either have crappy stats for the DNA price, have a locked component, or both. This means that they are made for the endgame players who have everything else. So please, when you see a new hybrid with crappy stats and a overinflated DNA price for those stats, remeber, its just Ludia catering to the endgame players


i don’t think koolasaurus is collectors. i certainly wish he was as good as his pre-nerfed version, but tbh any amphibian that’s somewhat viable is important because of how carnivore-dominant the game is.

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Welcome to the Forum! You’re right that in the end it boils down to the player’s choice of unlocking/investing in creatures worth of meta or personal choice. I myself maxed out Glythronax a month ago just for it’s looks and I’m not ashamed to admit I sold some pretty valuable meta creatures to do that. :eyes:

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He would make a great candidate for a superhybrid. I actually have some ideas for one.

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Welcome to the forum @AncientSnake
I agree with you!

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ve been reading the forum for awhile, but this is my first post. Again, thanks for the info.


My gripe is that it’s another carnivore with unoriginal stats.

Im fine with it being a collection dino or a DNA sink, it’s the fact that it’s a carnivore with unoriginal stats.

And actually, I disagree with your theory om collector dinos. I think these dinos are deliberately weak as to not cause any erratic jumps in a roster ferocity. By that I mean there has always been a scale from weakest dino to most powerful dino. These dinos keep that scale gradual, without major jumps. Of course jumps do exist, but imagine if all dinos of the same rarity were hardlocked into being the same ferocity. There’d be extreme jumps in ferocity all over the place.

As an example, thus is why the Tourney dinos range from as powerful as base-legendary dinos all the way up to L30 VIPs.

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Entelorhacos does not fit the collector category, if you dont have many Savannahs it’s pretty decent and at a low cost, level 21+ is very helpful for events. It’s basically needed because kelenken, gastornis and urtinotherium havent had unlock opportunities in a long long while… so there your relying on bronto and procoptodon for your sav lineup.

I don’t think any were intended for collector purposes, it’s just that early hybrids such as gorgosuchus and cerazinosaur were made and ludia didnt realise how easy it is to farm the amount of dna needed for these creatures so any new releases ludia has just increased the cost of them to a higher amount so that players arent able to fill our hatcheries with tourney hybrids on a week by week basis.

Let’s be honest 42k dna and 48k dna is pretty damn cheap and players will be able to max gorgos and ceraz in no time, lydia doesnt want this they want to add longevity to the game…