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The 20/40 medal system is abyssmal and needs to go

This system was so terrible that it was already removed from the game, we had this before. Most players hated it so they removed it, what kind o sense does that make? Absolutely terrible, I lose one battle a to come back I have to win 3 battles (2 to get to where I was and 1more to try to get a new high score).

This system is nonsensical on Nublar shores, where everyone has level 30 max boosted dinos, so team building and smart boosts distribution matters. We are all pretty much on the same terms, fully boosted and max level teams. But somehow some battles are worth more then others

An unlucky draw or an unlucky missed stun can cost you 40 points, but 2 back to back wins absolutely crushing the opponent is worth the same.

Remove this terrible system as you have done before. The interest on PvP is plummeting


So, if you blow away 2 weaker opponents, you should be rewarded and they should punished the same amount?


I still got no problem with… for me is it finally a little easier afther a very long time… but touraments are like… :frowning: i just wonen 1 of the last tourament and 2 times with 3-0 for the enemies 2 times after each other… :frowning:

One of the major issues with any change is that people will only see it from their perspective.

This system sucks if you are in lower Library, and I say that as I have 3 accounts there. I have yet to get a 40 for a win, nothing even close. Yet I have got 20 for winning loads of times. A few 25, 26, 27 but nothing more than that for a win. I lose and it’s 35-40 trophies lost every single time!

So 3 accounts doing at least 20 battles a day each and that’s what I get…. Treading water even more than I was before! How will I get any further with this system?

How is it for those in aviary and Gyro?

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That in between at library to shores is all kinds of messed up. Works fine in aviary. Idk about shores but some say fine. Definitely loose 35-40 every match but only gaining 20-27. Horrible. I’m going back to aviary.

At the moment, I am stuck around 4800 and 4900 trophies. My wins are at 27-32 and my losses are about the same. I do occasionally get merked by a full boosted apex team and lose 40, but that’s rare. It’s usually quite close in battles and at this point in time I’m having fun. But maybe alter it so you only can have a max level of creature in each arena. ( eg 30 in top arena, 29 in next one down etc, ) this gives the players in the lower arenas the chance to have fun by knowng they can’t face a level 30 thor in library. And maybe only have apex creatures allowed in gyrosphere and above ( or aviary )

The problem above aviary seems to be wins + losses attributed to current trophies rather than max trophy count, a player with 5600 trophies who’s dropped to 5100 trophies will still take 40 trophies from a player at 5200 trophies, but doesn’t take team strength into account, & that’s what’s upsetting players tbh. If it was based on max trophies it would work better & would help with droppers too.


The problem with taking into account high score instead of current score is that if you have a losing streak, it will be much harder to return to your high score. I think it could work if it was based on current scores but you were matched with players with a similar high score.

The problem is some are deliberately dropping, & although it’s rubbish having a losing streak, players are not climbing, there actually falling back , there’s no ideal situation tbh, unless you change the trophy system entirely.

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I think it’s been great in gyrosphere, I for 1 see it as a huge positive. I think it needs time to play out


The system has worked well in the shores. The new system rewards win % as opposed to volume which is a good thing. Also punishes lower shores players to a lesser extent for losing against the top players. As a result more players can remain in the shores which is a great thing.


It doesn’t work in library bud , because you have a mixture of various levels there , but gyro & above most are of a similar level with only boost placement & team tactics being the difference.


100% agree with @UFO here for reasons I’ve already stated.

I keep seeing @Piere87 telling players on her tournament 20/40 thread that it’s completely different in tourneys as opposed to pvp.
In actual fact it isn’t, as pretty much every team I face in Library is the same, and from what I understand the same applies in Gyro and Shores.
So although boosts may be a bit different, the basic teams are almost the same in every battle, so what’s the big difference?


I’m really not a fan of the system and much preferred it when it changed to 30/30. However, I’m willing to put up with it in the arena and advantage tourneys. It’s an awful, awful idea in skill tourneys though and should be removed from those ASAP.

The difference is, while RNG is a factor in the arena, we have an entire month to get over a bad RNG run. Tournaments you get 3 days and that is not near enough time to “come back” from a bad streak. Plus most of the hate over this system in tournaments is specifically with the skilled tournaments. Everyone is equal level creatures and 80% of matches are determine by speed ties, stuns, crits, and team draw. Not necessarily “skill” (although I know you have to be somewhat skillful to know creature matchups).

I also think the fact this system was implemented mid-season in PvP arena made a big difference. I honestly think it will work itself out when everyone starts where they are supposed to and will end up where they are supposed to. I could be wrong, but I think it needs to be given a full season to really know. And maybe they just need to implement a different trophy system completely in Shores. From what I’ve heard from people, this new one really helps them stay in Shores once they get there, but high shores is getting hurt badlly when they are getting matched with all lower level opponents. I also firmly believe the 30/30 system was broken when people could climb so high simply by battling all day.


Unfortunately you will find many opinions in favor because a large majority believe that top players don’t deserve the amount of trophies they accumulate month after month. What we now have is a system that quickly demotivates you to improve your best score
As much as everyone says that it is easy to come back from an average of 10 duels due to factors such as luck and rng, you win 6 or 7 and lose 3 so no matter what you do, you are always doomed

I agree. No reason to add something that has already been removed and we asked for it to be removed. They are killing the game, really sad

In a traditional format where a win is rewarded by more than a loss, we see divisions for each season and teams don’t deviate from that division until the end of the season. Take football, rugby, or pretty much any sport. You win and get 3 points, you lose and get none you draw and get one point.

I can see that playing in excess of 600 matches, and in many cases more in a month this wouldn’t make sense, as those who played the most would easily get crazy high scores. Indeed any way of scoring a win as a plus with no loss for a lose would encourage volume battlers to just keep battling to reach the top.

But to lose 40 so often while only gaining 20 so often is nothing short of a sound destroying exercise. Maybe this only happens in Library, maybe it only happens to me, but I doubt it.

We need players to be locked in their highest arena, regardless of how their trophy score goes. Way too many players are dropping because it’s so easy to do and this system is making it even easier to do that.

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I don’t disagree with you on this issue. I by no means think this system is perfect especially since RNG is such a big factor and losing 40 to a crit or just a really bad draw really sucks. I do think it’s a step in the right direction though and I hope additional improvements can be made to make the arena bearable at all levels. Not sure how or if that is possible but I honestly don’t remember it being this bad pre 2.0. I think class system and the amount of RNG is just adding to these bad experiences.


Shores matchmaking penalizes top players, while those who just enter can climb really high. Got almost to 6400 and close to top 100, winning +35 trophies 85% of time and losing 20-30 80% of time. Then went down, losing 40 trophies several times in a row.