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The 20/40 trophy award battle system is abusive and this is why

I am going to deep dive on this and talk about this penalization of many players in the top 2000.

Currently, as of this writing, to be in the top 250 You need about 6290 Trophies. Top 500 you need to be about 6180 Trophies.
Almost all of the teams at that level or higher are almost all fully boosted and fully leveled.
We know this, because currently we can see every players boost allocation and creatures. Although, this is a little hard to see, because many players are so bothered by this current feature, they put other fake teams out, so people can’t see what makes their secret sauce,
But for the most part, there is not much that separates the people with 6200 Trophies and higher.

There is supposed to be a range of players you are able to have combat with in Nublar shores and it supposed to be based on points, but that is not cut and dry since they changed it. Currently anybody can fight anybody in the Nulbar shores, So the algorithm for this matchmaking is not known to me.
My guess is it might be based on time. If you are not matched with somebody within your range of 200 Trophies( like at the other battle arenas) in 10 to 15 seconds, that range might expand. There might be other IF statements involved.

Under the current method of the 20/40 system as you climb up the rankings it gets harder and harder to gain points. For the most part after 6200 Trophies, everybody you fight has a team that is very good and in the top 500. I can’t see the point total below the top 500 but it is about 6180 trophies currently.
So I have no clear cut clue how many people are in Nublar shores right now and hang out between the 6000 to 6180 Trophy count. Nor do I know their team strengths. This is semi important, for statistics on determining how often you could face a 40 trophy winning opportunity versus something much less.

Many of the top 500 teams and most of the top 250 teams are just as good as the top 25 teams.

For the most part the higher you climb, the more likely you are not going to face somebody who gives you more than 20 trophies On rare occasions you will get lucky and beat somebody who is better than you, and get more than 20 trophies.
But statistically, after a certain point, you will gain 20 trophies for a win, and 40 trophies for a loss.
The people who break 8000 trophies also have a tendency to reduce playing for the rest of their seasons so those possible 40 trophy earning battles opportunities decrease.
So the end result is the higher up you go the more penalized and abused you get.

So how does one gain those 1000 Trophies to go from Top 500 with 6200 Trophies to Top 25 which is about 7200 Trophies?

Perseverance, skill, and luck.

So if you won 50 matches in a row, you would gain that 1000 Trophies.
But as I stated before, everybody in that range, is about as good as you.
and 25 losses is equal to your 50 wins.
That equates to 2 wins is equal to 1 loss.
So just to break even, you have to have a win percentage of 0.667. You have to win 2 out of 3 matches.
With a win percentage of 0.750 you would have to win 100 out of 125 battles to get that 1000 points.

What about if you have a win percentage of 0.700? Well in that case you have to win 350 out of 500 battles to get that 1000 points.

What about if you have a win percentage of 0.680 Well in that case you have to win 850 out of 1250 battles to get that 1000 points.

This is a very high and impressive winning percentage when teams are equitable. Of course the luck factor plays heavily in this and adds to frustration.
What this can lead to, is some very frustrated players, who are actually very good, facing very harsh odds against them just to maintain their score.
The people who have their top 100 ranks have earned them.

Has the change of ranking from 30/30 to 20/40 affected who is placing in the top 100? I believe the answer is sadly not significantly.
Here is the thing, based on various top 50 and top 100 rankings I have tracked. The majority of the people finishing the seasons in the top 100 and top 50 is generally the same names. There is not a high enough variability to justify this abuse of some of Ludia’s top customers.

So is ranking all that important and are players rewarded correctly under this system? Sadly, under the current system, that is also a no. The weekly side tournaments do a better job of properly rewarding people for their rankings.
The season prize is based strictly on trophy totals regardless of rankings.
The reward difference between finishing the season at say 6201 trophies and 6799 trophies is minimal.
If the season were to end today, the person in 43rd place would get 1 rank higher in prizes as the person who is in 444th place.
The reason why, is there is a big gap between 6400 trophies and the next rank of 6800 trophies. Besides suppressing prize amounts with this giant gap, this causes many players to also quit playing hard when they break 6400, reducing the possible 40 trophy chances for other climbers even more.

This system basically suppresses the amount of trophies the players at the top get to earn and reduces the prize amounts they get at the end, even though they have battled harder to be where they are as opposed to the past.

To summarize:
This change from 30/30 to 20/40 has not significantly changed the rankings it has only reduced the prizes awarded to some of Ludias hardest working customers. It turns the seasonal PVP into a serious abusive grind for many, with high risk and little awards and increased frustration in the customer base.

The 30/30 system had it’s flaw with some people playing all day and having a statistically easier way to gaining ranks because of it. They could play with just a small win percentage of 0.510 and climb the ranks. Although, one could say, these people were a giant statistical outlier, and most people did not play that way. Thousands are being punished to fix something done by just a few people. This could have been fixed much easier by limiting the amount of battles a person can fight in a 12 hour period.

Sadly to fix it a 20/40 system has been put in place and it is abusive to almost ever person who does not have a 70 percent win percentage or greater. Instead they will have a very slow and painful climb to get those trophy point based prizes.


  1. Return to the 30/30 system and limit the amount of battles a person can fight in a seasonal pvp in a 12 hour period to 30 to 40 battles.

2… Find a system that has a less abusive win percentage to gain those trophy based prizes like a 30/40 spread which would create a system where 3 losses is equal to 4 wins, as opposed to 2 losses. Instead of needing a 0.667 win percentage to break even, you would need a 0.572 win percentage. I would prefer a 40/50 but I suspect that they want to suppress points because they don’t want to give out too many prizes.

  1. Add a new prize category at the 6600 trophy level to keep the people at 6400 Trophies motivated to keep climbing.

Some might ask, “why not have everything done with a ranking system?”
I supposed it is because people need rest and people would battle constantly.