The 22 no longer serves as a reference for mergers

In an article published in metahub some time ago it was commented that after many statistics the average result of each merger was between 22 and 23. This week I made more than 300 mergers (I had accumulated them a long time ago) and the average has been much lower and. Because of that, several mergers have left me half-hearted, so if anyone wants to know the results, these are:


Stegodeus: 45 mergers, average 20 exact (when he was 33 mergers the average was a drama, 16,66 but he improved something in the last ones)

Allosinosauro: 44 mergers, average 20.22

Spinotasuchus: 25 fusions, exact mean of 20

Tragodistis: 27 mergers, average of 20.71


Nodopatosaurus: 85 fusions, average of 22.12

Spinotahraptor: 38 mergers, average of 21.62

Amargocephalus: 69 mergers, average 20, 29

Legendary summary: 142 mergers, average of 20.14
Epics summary: 191 mergers, average of 21.35

Total summary: 333 mergers and an average of 20.84

Conclusions after 333 attempts (i think statistically very relevant):

The average for fusion has gone from being more than 22 to less than 21.
It seems to be understood that the average of fusion in the legendary ones is lower than the averages in the epic ones (I will try to evaluate it in rares)

I will continue making annotations so that each time the data is more relevant.

I would like to know if someone else has annotations of their mergers and if their results are similar to mine


if by mergers you mean fusions? me personally i have noticed higher fuses since 1.5.

Yes, I mean fusions. My English is not very good.

Well this is my experience and it is not exactly positive, The 96 fusions of Amargocephalus and tragodistis I have made today all consecutively.

it might sound crazy but when i fuse i like to look at the creatures movements and hit the fuse button when it makes a certain movement. if it fuses high then i try to replicate that.

It had not occurred to me but I will try to observe it.

Right now I feel an absolute despair, of those that make you want to leave the game but I do not think I will. I am trying to merge the Thorolodosauro and for this I need sinoceratops. It had more than 30,000 allosauro and 259 sinoceratops

First fusion 10
Second fusion 10
Third fusion 10
Fourth Fusion 10
Fifth Fusion 10

I do not dare merge now the thorolodosauro … if I get a 10 I break the phone. I prefer to turn off the game, take a deep breath and try to decide if it is positive for me to continue playing this game, my only game :frowning:

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I vote that we call all fuses mergers from this day forth!!


Just so you’re aware, we get the actual probability from the code itself. So when we’re saying it’s an average of 21%, obviously it’ll vary for people. But that’s what the actual code is using as a basis. We see nothing in the code to give us the impression that different tiers (legendary, unique, epic etc) have different probabilities for fusions.

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Me too, bro. Me too. Hoping this cheers you up as much as it does me…


21 is very close to my experience (20,28) even though the difference is something significant talking about 333 fusions. I only commented that previously it had been said that it was something more than 22 and that would be a very distant number.

Yep, that’s what happened with the Spinotasuchus for me…6th was a 20…it took forever to get it created

~21 is the average I tend to see. It’s the number I use when figuring approximately how much dna I’ll need to get to the next level.

I used the 22 but from now on I will use the 20. To calculate with 22 two evolutions (tragodistis and stegoceratops) have been stopped.

I just got speechless. I just made the merger of the stegocratops from 22 to 23 (53 mergers) and the average per merger was 26.22. Of the 53 mergers, only 12 have been 10 and I have had 7 forty, 6 fifty and one sixty. Without a doubt, the best evolution since I play. Now I have to find out if it was an isolated day, if it has continuity or if it has been for being an epic

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Just did 58 mergers for a rise of 1,500 DNA on a rare, averaged 25.86.
Very few 10’s, many 20’s and several over 50.
I did not write down each one, just took a screenshot of the before/after.

I’ve been getting ALL 10s on a 2 legendaries I’m trying to unlock, Tyrannolophosaur and Tragodistis

I just created Tyrannolophosaur to level 21.
Going by the before screenshot I took and running numbers…

24.39 DNA per Merger.

well, at the same time, in the fusion of unic I only made one attempt (thorolodosauro) and it was a 10, in the merger of legendary (Indominus Rex) I made 7 mergers for an average of 21.5 (3 ten and no higher than 30). If I add legendary and unique, 8 attempts with an average of 20 (exact half of tens and none higher than 30). As I mentioned, 53 epic mergers, average 26.3 (only 12 ten and 14 of 40 or higher). Lack of history to get conclusive data but …

I agree. That many 10s in a row is unfair