The 3 Epic Chompers

I really like the 3 big bois of the epic arena, acro, allo g2, and trex. Despite this, I feel like my biggest gripe with these 3 (and basically every other chomper in jwa) is that their playstyles are so basic and similar, especially with the countless flocks and their counters being the main “meta” of the middle arenas. So, I at least gave these 3 a rework that makes them more distinguished playstyle.

Acro is the first, and it hit me as the “tank” of the trio. It has the most health, therefore it should try and preserve that health as much as possible. This is why I think shield advantage works perfectly with his playstyle, as well as a buff to his stun res to stand a better chance against a rhino swap in, which is usually what takes it out. However, this gives a fierce a shield, which gives a couple of cunnings more trouble with it, but if diplo can have a defense shattering effect and still be a pure resilient then acro can get a resilient effect as well.

Allo Gen 2 was a little tricky to distinguish, and is probably the most suseptible to change, but I feel like he was originally in a good niche as the render of the trio, so I just took some influence from andrewtops and gave him a revenge priority rend. He already has good resistances, so I left it as is. If there are any better ideas for his rework, it wont be coming from me.

Trex I think deserves the biggest spice-up of the trio, so I decided to essentially make him the poor man’s mortem. I took influence of mortem’s original roar, as well as his current one, as his basic fierce strike is now primal roar, which is a group shattering move that increases his attack for the next turn, but without the priority. This will continue Rexy’s main strategy of BIG NUMBER GOOD, except now that number can be increased even further and can even be a little more viable against the ridiculous arsenal of the epic flocks storming up the place.

Ive just been thinking about this, if you have any thoughts, feel free to share. Thanks!


oh, and an immunity for vulnerable for trex cuz I feel like he deserves some kind of resistance.


How about deceleration immunity too


i dunno the chompers are all really slow in the first place and decel immunity would just mean nitro chompers would be almost impossible to deal with without something like sr gen3


Not really
Cunnings can counter them pretty well
by the time you have enough boosts to make a chomper you probably have a good cunning
Flocks will also destroy it

Change primal roar from 50% attack boost to 25% boost and that’s good.

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I was considering that but weve never had a move that increases attack by anything other than 50%, so i decided otherwise. If it doesnt matter and im just being silly, then idk i guess ill change it