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The 4 New 1.11 Creatures

Are these 4 creatures locked to parks, incubators, sanctuaries, tournaments, or to a certain day of the week?

I don’t recall anything special in the release notes.

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Sometimes they tell us sometimes we have to wait until the data mine after the patch like when they released scolo

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Thanks. I wasn’t sure if people already dug in somewhere or if it was mentioned somewhere other than the release notes. I hope it’s nothing like nasutoceratops and allosaurus gen 2.

I could honestly see the Wooly Mammoth being a seasonal spawn. Pokemon go did a similar thing with Delibird cause it’s quite seasonal so I could see that happening. Imo I would be open to that idea cause I think it adds a nice trophy value to the creature

I’m hoping that they will be easy enough to collect not almost impossible like Carbonmys.


They only spawn in parks when it snows.


Lol! I wouldn’t be too surprised.

I like Megaloceros and Bajadasaur, but the Wooly Rhino … looks like the stuff of nightmares. Mammoth I’ll have to see it in game. May look better or worse.

Funny how we got 1 actual dino in a JURASSIC PARK/WORLD game.
And we will see after datamining.

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In Florida and only during July.

This was surprisingly accurate, I predicted the snow :stuck_out_tongue: Parks are for Bajadasaurus though, but still!

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It was confirmed that the mammoth is out for the holiday period and it’s presence will reduce after the holiday.

The rhino we’ve discovered is epic incubator. I suppose that’s either 24 hour and/or the solid gold epic strike towers.

As mentioned bajada is parks. I’ve had luck in the evening personally.

The deer is yet to be announced/discovered to my knowledge.