The 4k barrier


Hi, do more players have the same experience? I’ve been 4x times one victory away from getting 4k trophies. But every time when I’m inches away from breaching the barrier I get a losing streak even as for back as 3700 trophies. Feels like there is a huge wall which is impossible to breach (or perhaps I need the white walkers from Game of Thrones)


Yep - same here although I think I have been one win away 6 times and have dropped almost all the way back to 3500 :frowning:

I have managed to level up a couple of my team, swapped out one and really mastered the Diloranosaurus move set during a recent strike event and the last two attempts haven’t been knocked back quite so badly. Currently around 3900; 48 hours to make the final push …

Good luck to all in the same situation!


Same here for a couple of weeks but just hit the 4K barrier (lucky). Not battling anymore until the tournament is over :upside_down_face:


You are not alone. I’m at 4.5k now and 4.7k before tourney, but when I was at your position I suffered the same, and like I said, twice. There’s a bunch of people who tried to debunk using their “sense of justice” but now I’m more confirmed about it for a fact.


I also have a 12 hour and 2 x 8 hour incubators so if I do break through I won’t be tempted to battle again.


Same here since the reset, I was halfway up the leaderboard before, now I can’t get anywhere near it, hence, I don’t play as much as I did, I used to be out all the time, Dino hunting, but losing interest fast and defo not spending anymore money on the game, VIP cancelled, I got bored when the reset happened, hopefully the new update will spark a new interest but probably not!


Yes just broke the barrier, now just waiting till the tournaments is over.


I broke it 4 days ago and quit! At the time I quit I had a 24 hour incubator 2 8 and a 3!

Not only did my stress level decrease by a factor of 100 but I actually like the game again!

The crap load of strike events gave me more incubators than I lost by not fighting!

I will start my 24 hours incubator tomorrow at 9:00 am


@kleineman84 same exact thing happens to me, I hit 3900 and on my way and get knocked back down 8 or 10 times!!!:rage:


Very frustrating, perhaps next time they shouldn’t announce a minimum number of trophies, would prevent a lot of battle arena road rage :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Kept happening to me too where I got to 3900ish several times then crashed down into the 3700s. I dont know what happened but a few days ago I got on a hot streak and finally broke 4k. No way am I doing another battle until this tourny is over.

Kinda boring now though that I cant battle. Wish there was something else to do in this game when you’re stuck at home or work and battling isnt in your best interest.


Yep, same experience here. I’ve even been just over 4k last weekend for a whole day, but no way I wasn’t battling for a whole week!


same here im just about to step across the line and whack 3 or 4 losses straight and it always seems to be the worst losses the ones that could of went in my favor…


If everyone gets to 4K and stops battling then it should get easier and easier to win. Keep battling to the final buzzer and pray to the RNGod
On a side note I’ve got Gorgeousaurus and Monostegotops ready to evolve but I’ve heard rumours of a Nerf.
It would also be a lot easier if I could find just one epic Kentrosaurus or Monolophosaurus in the wild in the next 24hrs please.


It is really taunting me this morning, just a couple of the times I’ve been 1 win away

I lol’ed at managing a 3-0 win then still losing the next 2 or 3 fights :rofl:


Went out hunting last night and dropped my phone … screen totally smashed; couldn’t dart but could battle so went back home determined to make a push from 3900. Odd loss but mainly wins and got within a win … next team had Indoraptor and similar … and the next (really!!!) … and the next, but this one I won; then back to back wins for …

Cut my finger on the glass but finally. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Enough incubators to keep me going until the end so that’s battling done. Hopefully should have a new phone Tuesday ready for the update :slight_smile:

Trying to pass 4k before tournament ends

I disagree, it might get harder.

It’s less likely to meet people around their own level if they’ve stopped playing,

This could be countered by reducing a players points a certain amount for each day they dont battle, or make the requirement be “reaching 4k at some point” instead of “must be 4k at the end of tournament”.

Any system that forces player to quit playing to secure a prize is flawed.


I would have pushed on if there had been a week to go but with 24 hours and enough incubators (and a broken screen) it made sense to sit back,


Yes kept getting knocked back for two weeks just made it today. Not even going to battle now


Made the threshold today also: 4003 Trophies. I had a 24-hour saved so activated an hour ago.

I had a hard time getting wins in also for most of the tournament. I only battle for incubators and had given up hope of making the 4k mark. Had a lucky streak last night and today to make it.