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The “5%ers”

I haven’t taken the time to get real numbers but my common sense is telling me there is not way as a group the creatures with only 5% critical hit are actually only getting those 5% of the time. I counted 8 CHs (by 5% creatures) in my last 7 matches, with 3 of the 7 coming with a “5%er” getting it to end the matchup. I know it’s a small sample size but 7 CHs should only occur every 140 moves. Just doesn’t make sense


The RNG is quite broken to be fair. I remember when I did the epic flee event. I used a level 22 Erlidom and I only got one non critical hit for the whole duration of the battle. That’s like 5 crits. They were all one after another as well

I’ve definitely had some experiences like this that made me squint at the game. I ended up against an Erlidom that landed criticals on all my dinos, I wonder if there’s an issue with them particularly? Like maybe there’s a bug that’s Erlidom specific but it could be bigger, if other people have noticed similar trends with different dinosaurs.