The 6 best hybrid epics that need to be taken to the next level!

The 6 best hybrid epics that need to be taken to the next level!

Ok so I’m probably still classed as beginner or mid player by those who’s teams are full of uniques and legendaries and with only being at level 16 I certainly don’t class myself as a pro (yet) but I’m now at a stage in the game where I’m starting to collect and breed legendaries thick and fast. Plus I’m working on my first couple of uniques. however although I could easily make up at least 2 full teams of different legendaries I still put combinations of these 6 awesome epic hybrids in to my team and I often battle people of a much higher level who have taken some of these creatures to the limit and use them in combination with their high powered uniques and legendaries because they are that good. I just really wish Ludia would give everyone who adores these awesome epic hybrids the chance to take them further and breed them into incredible unique or legendary hybrids it would give a lot of excitement to everyone and bring new challenges to the upper level of the game if this were to happen. Ludia please don’t leave these awesome creatures at a level that they get neglected they don’t deserve that. make them breed-able please

until ludia changes their rules about super hybrids not getting hybrids, sarcorix, scaphotator and thyla will not get hybrids. They are already super hybrids. It is unfortunate. I would like to see them go higher as well.


I am terrified of what might come out of Procerathomimus. Unless it’s a red and white chicken that’s mixed with the red diplocaulus and is called Santacalus.


All of those are in my tournament team plus Purutaurus and Stegoceratops; Puru is good at higher level especially now it has no escape - took mine to L24 before Carno arrived on the scene. My Sarco is L25 and could go to L27. My partner runs a L29 Sarco.

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Maybe fused with keleken


Keleken is definitely an underestimated creature that would make a great fuse so would the ankylocodon

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Nice post and welcome to the forums.
A few things to mention.
We are told there are only hybrids a mixture of two dinosaurs or Super-hybrids another creature bred to a hybrid. There won’t be any super duper hybrids with 4 dinosaurs involved in the near future.
This eliminates Thylocator, Scapotator, and Sarcorexis from your list which are all super hybrids. Many teams in the top 100 use Thylocator and some use Sarcorexis. As for Scapotator, it is not well used.

So let’s look at the other 3.

Brontolasmus is indeed great, but that Elasmotherium DNA it uses is needed for Mammotherium which is a tyrant, so I don’t know about this idea. Than again, Wooly Mammoth DNA is exclusive so maybe you have a point.

Procerathomimus is a weak tyrant and on a few Top 50 teams. One of its DNA components is very hard to get through incubator drops only So if it ever does get a super hybrid, it will be most likely be nerfed at the same time, and then added to some hard to get rare to make it more powerful. This is not really a winning situation for people, but many will horde that Procera DNA for it just in case this happens.
For the number crunchers, you would need about 26000 Procerathomimus DNA to make a super hybrid to level 30 on top of what ever you needed to get it to level 16 or level 20. That is roughly 60,000 more precious Proceratosaurus DNA to gather for that.

Megalogaia is indeed nice, but it has the problem of having exclusive hard to get DNA as one of it’s components. So they could make a Super Hybrid for it, but until we start seeing giant deer running around, don’t level Megalogaia past level 15.


More like Ridicalaus. Or Whinimagnus


Lol Ridicalaus. I’d go for that one.

One thing that people tend to forget is that things get watered down in exchange for more fancy tools.

60% Armor turtle makes two hybrids that lose 10% of that armor. The turtle-shaped hybrid also loses 120 health in exchange for 1 point of speed.

Velociraptor has the highest base speed at 132 which is always slowed for the fancy tools it’s offspring receive.

Ludia does have a system they’ve mentioned, but won’t go into details about, in which DNA being exclusive means the dino and it’s hybrid can have “more points”. Each ability, such as Immunity, is worth a certain number of points. You might remember them mentioning they put too much value on Immunity and buffed all immune creatures (Immune became worth less points making more points free to put on health and damage).

The only real hope for the hybrids to be truly scary is for their DNA to became impossible to get.

Why is Indoraptor Gen 2 so much better than the original? The original has worldwide spawns as it’s components and Gen 2 relies on Blue which never spawns or comes in any incubator, Gen 2 gets to have more points and people fail to realize this when they ask for it to have Cautious Strike Nerfed. They do not realize if Cautious Strike changes something about it will get Buffed.


Probably not they just leave as it is I mean just dodge and distraction is enough to make better so no more buffs need even then

Not necessarily. It could be that CS turned out to be worth more points than intended. Wouldn’t be the first time they miscalculated something.
Also, Monomimus. Where did its points go? And Magna’s when it was nerfed?
Dracoceratops with SI-Rampage and SI-DSR was definitely allocated more effective points than it deserved. Could be the same case with Indo G2.

Megalogaia, Brontolasmus And Procerathomimus could still get a hybrid. The other 3 have reached their peak.

(But please I’m scared of the idea of a procera Hybrid)