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The 7* Bewilderbeast Alpha

I feel like its Valhallas Finest turn to brag a little. Today we made it to the 7* Alpha and ofcourse we get the buggy Bewilderbeast(Thanks Ludia, just great!).

As the epic clan we are, ofcourse were going for the kill. Will we do it or fail? No one knows yet, but we give it our all.

Here is a little picture


Lol, so this is where that stickwad Baz is at. I’d wish him to fail miserably, but you also have Shinobara, one of the better people that I remember from Discord. So, I guess… good luck. Might as well comment if they have fixed the spirit bug or not. Beating a 2.5mil boss with broken spirit would be quite a feat indeed.

The bug is still there on the 5* version

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Dont know what you had with Baz, but all the time I have talked to him, he has only been a very nice guy.

2.5 mil Alpha is not really a problem for us, only the buggy Bewilderbeast is the problem. They havent fixed the spirit bug, so thats alot of damage were missing there.