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The 7 turn Mortem Strat still works

Just posting this so people can know that the Touramoloch/Trystronix/Tenontorex/Ardentismaxima 7 turn strat still works.

All Maxima needs to have is at least 1700 attack (the attack gets boosted to 2550 making it more than enough to take down both Minions)


Oh good, now they will buff Mortem’s raid form because it was defeated with help from a LEVEL 1 SLOTH (check the other thread)

The sloth was carried through the raid, so I don’t think it would be a problem


It requires a very specific boost spread, so it’s not really that important. @TheProC is just pulling meme strats


honestly, that’s more of a meme than anything. that lv 1 sloth needed help from lv 30s + lots of boosts. anything else with that group that could do roughly what the sloth does would still win that raid.


I was just about to say, even that requires the other three players to use some very specific creatures with specific stats to work.

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But what about HP?

My teams Maxima is now at:

HP - 7970
Att - 1666

That’ll suffice. The one we used had over 8,000, but it’s far more imperative that Maxima has over 1700 attack for this strat to still work 100%

Although, as long as the Trystronix is faster than everything else, it could use it’s Strike on Majungasaurus if the Maxima didn’t Crit, freeing the Touramoloch to heal everyone and Tenontorex and Maxima can still proceed normally…

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