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The ability to request all type of DNA


Hi Ludia,

First of all I just wanted to say thanks for creating such an exciting game of all Dinosaurs lovers!! I’ve been playing ever since it first launch and will still continue to play this amazing game…even thou the new comer get so much more than when I first started :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just wanted to know if there is a way for us players to be able to request for any type of Dinosaur, not just Rare and Common.??? Also with no limit to how much you can give for any given type.

Let me know your thought on this.



I really think Epic trading should be a thing. I full expect it to come along sooner or later as it was found in the code a while back.

You won’t see Legendary and Unique though, and rightly so. You have to work to earn those dinosaurs.


Problem is, with cheaters in alliances with legit players. (Think someone else had already said this) Too many would abuse it. Would love to see it in the future though.

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  • Balance.
  • Cheating prevention.

Enough reasons not to allow unlimited common or rare DNA already. No need to talk how detrimental would it be to allow unlimited epic, legendary, unique DNA trading.

No, thank you.


Just because someone request DNA does not mean you have to give. It’s all base on each individual players on how much they want to give. If someone is caught cheating then it will be up to Ludia to do what they do to remove those from the game permanently.


Epic trading would be the end of JWA. You would barely need to hunt anymore and cheaters would have maxed out teams faster than ever. As fun as it could be, i say no.


I agree with Max. Right now too much available to cheat on.

Plus endless requests for the epic … I dunno I would make alt accounts and farm thehell outa dna to feed my main.

Then it becomes a game of who has less life obligations.

Not to mention the increased load on servers. Bloat in every thing when there are like 10 alts per person.


I agree withw the epicentro dna but with a limit maybe one ir two times per week or every day but like a max of 50 per day


I’d be happy with once a month, one request only and very limited amounts. Cheaters are gonna cheat and hopefully continually removed. I’d like to be able to swap some epic with my alliance once in awhile.

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They cant even accurately detect cheaters from what Ive seen… apparently the only ones who were caught in this ban wave were teleporters the easiest to detect…

So as the cheaters adapt we will be back to this point in less then a month.


Almost just as bad as cheaters are the lazy people being dragged along in alliances. They ask for all the best dna yet say they have no time to catch their own and help out very little. Why would I want to give away all my epic dna I have put time and money into getting just to give it away.

If they decide to bring in this type of requests they should make epic dna trading instead. So if I wanted kentro and another member wanted anky we could trade directly with each other say 50 dna going each way. 1 trade per day max. There would also have to be categories for equal trades, I wouldn’t want to trade erlick for barionyx obviously.

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I don’t see many actually donating epics. Maybe some type of trade with a limit. The dna is too hard to come by and everyone wants the same dna. Maybe can get unwanted less superior dino donations. Nundasuchas lol.

With 10 point fuses its way too hard already to give some away.


What you ask for is childish from a perspective of game balance. All games have rules and limitations, from chess, card games, board games to mobile games. Otherwise they wouldn’t be games, they would be “give me what I want when I want so I’m the only one who can win this game”. Sorry to put it so plainly, but I hope this way my point can be understood clearly.