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The absolute worst Emote! Needs to be removed ASAP

This is such a rude “Emote”… it’s like they’re taunting you saying you’re gunna lose the match no matter what you do! :rage::rage:


Okay, funny… BUT… the bigger thing to note here is that they’re doing this as a way of improving how the game handles network interruptions, which is a GREAT thing, and something we’ve needed. The inability of this game to manage signal changes is downright pathetic (“Oh, you declined a call mid-battle? You lose!”… < walks the wrong way in front of router > < game freezes>). So steps in the right direction are welcomed.

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This is a regular part of the game unfortunately. Even just slightly swiping up on the app makes it trip and have to reload.

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When did Indo G2 get the ability to mess up connection? I didn’t see it in the patch notes :grin:


It’s included in Cautious strike.


I hate the buttons that are so close to the bottom of the screen. I do that barely swipe thing a lot.

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Looks like Ludia’s just taking it in their stride.
Freeze tournaments, everybody.