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The *Actual* Doomsday Clock of JWA


There are an awful lot of posts about this game’s most glaring flaw(s) or how it’s a sinking ship, etc., but to be perfectly frank a good deal of it is a lot of griping about some relatively small, inconsequential stuff or stuff that can be tweaked or fixed in the near (or far) future. A game is not going to end because it can be made better and that bettering isn’t happening fast enough for some of us.

It will, however, face a steep decline if it has nowhere to go, and I’m seeing a few hints of that from a lot of the end-game players as well as myself when I look forward: that end comes in the form of something that can’t be tweaked or fixed, at least not without a massive overhaul of the system and that is the level-based dinosaurs we’ve been using from the beginning.

The dinosaurs get leveled up through DNA as you all know to a maximum of 30. Once leveled up they cannot be leveled down, naturally. So where does that leave us?

It leaves us fiddling with the best of the best - and only the best of the best - to play with at maximum levels in ways we’ve done hundreds, possibly even thousands, of times before.

I drop levels specifically so I can play with other dinosaurs and even make theme teams. I find it fun, but I also know it’s a temporary distraction from what the core game design is. What am I to do with these dinosaurs, these rejects that can’t be played because they simply don’t measure up to my elite team (to say nothing of anyone else’s even-more-advanced teams)? The only way to go is up, and the stairway up is bumpy and uneven as I trip over others making the same climb.

The reason I mention that I drop levels is to illustrate a part of the problem: I have no outlet to randomly fight and test myself against equal-level opponents, short of specifically dueling friends (and for no benefit, I might add). Of my myriad collection, I’m doomed to continuously fight up for trophies during tournaments and spend time managing a low arena rating, alternately winning and losing matches like clockwork, to stay in my aesthetically-preferred arena so I can use the various dinos in my collection.

This leads me to point to the levels of dinosaurs being the source of the problem.

All of you playing are doing so to the tune of the ticking of this same doomsday clock; whether it ticks faster or tocks slower for you based on your own performance is unique to each of you, but you’re on it.

To those of you at the end-game, who have a plethora of uniques and put yourself through the meat grinder of the best of the best: what do you look forward to, beyond the next tournament?

To those of you not yet there, and maybe even in the same boat as me: what would you like to see done with your collection as it expands? What more could be done given the limitations of levels on your dinosaurs that could be entertaining going forward?


Nice to see a constructive post on this topic rather than just the usual whining. Personally I think as people move towards the end game they will have resources to turn towards the unsung hereos - there are 134 creatures currently available. I am starting to see more unsual choices in the 4500-5000 trophy range - fought a team with a L24 Stygi the other day and something else I can’t recall that I hadn’t seen for months competitively - and I think this will continue - hopefully some will receive a buff if neccessary.

I have a broad range of creatures as I want to create them all - I don’t decide on one branch over another and over invest - but to those that do, fair play; your choice. I have one spot in my team at the moment that I rotate to add a bit of fun in.

I think the game will continue to evolve and who knows how Alliances will be developed. You compare the game we have now to what we had at launch.

One thing I would like to see would be a monthly themed battle zone alongside the main arena, e.g. max L20s; only commons, only rares, etc… People could then create a B team and play that there. The reason I think it should be monthly and only one is if there are too many the match-ups would be compromised with too few in each zone. Perhaps there could be two leaderboards for the zone - individuals and Alliances.

And extra kudos for the doomsday clock reference :+1:


My team is evolving organically over time as I’ve been steadily grinding on, testing and playing. A certain new dinosaur I earn or level up will give me another foot up the latter as I progress up the arena/tournament ranks. So I don’t have the problem of having lots of wasted dinosaurs/DNA. There is still plenty of game ahead of me and I enjoy competitive battling for it’s own sake. So I’m not really seeking the glory of being at the ‘top’, I just focus on levelling potential team member to L20 and try out different teams and combinations, but most of all to have some fun. It’s futile to spend any money in this game as it would just accelerate me past the arenas and won’t be able to try out all these new and interesting creatures for myself.

As for ‘doomsday clock’ there will always be prophets of doom, but they’re wrong! JWA is still relatively new and in for all intents and purposes is ‘in development’ (another reason why it’s unwise to spend money in the game yet). Yes you might loose some top-level players who’ve paid significant amounts of money to be at that stage who may get bored of the same-old and simply move on. But no it’s definitely not dead or dying because there is still so much more potential for JWA and I look forward to seeing how it all pans out by the time Jurassic World 3 comes out in 2021 - goodness know what kinds of dinosaurs we’ll be collecting/battling then. I will continue to enjoy the competitive battling, progressing, hunting dinosaurs and bring creatures into the real-world with the AR camera lol. It’s a great game, I luvit!

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Once you get your favourite team to 30th surely you then start leveling everything else and building the new hybrids as they come out.

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There are really a lot of things to do but to each their own. For me after unlocking all dinosaurs and leveling team to 30, the next step is to do the same with other dinosaurs and having more choices. 8 dinos are already a lot to work on, and add another team and it’s a long time goal.
And it’s only the arena part, I still love darting (thousand times more skills than throwing balls) because I like the challenge each time (my darting sessions/graphics as a proof ).

I do believe the game is evolving well (pogo for example after the same launching time was miles away from jwa) and it means there is a room for improvements.
Don’t get me wrong : there are a lot of bugs (speed indicator seriously?? Speed tie ? Dino stuck inside a tower???) they need to fix asap. They should also communicate more. I’d love to have some insight on what is coming, preparing graphic for new dinosaurs, discuss about evolving meta etc…
For this they need to communicate. Even if 1.6 is not ready just tell us it’s on the way. Coins chests are really nice and an awesome short term goal but I need some long terms glimpse to see that the game is not going to stall. Even a qol update would be good (confirmation pop-up for evolving Dino, speed indicator…). Just something.

I think the most disappointing thing for a lot of ranked players who are playing competitively is the lack of action against L5 hunters.
It undermines the work of those who are close to be ranked and who deserve to be in. You can’t make anything competitive without taking into account the cheater problem. It won’t work.


A gentle reminder to stay polite and relevant when posting and addressing each other.

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I recognized the end game blues when I started so did not set out to create an end game team of 8 Dino’s. Been there, and the game loses appeal once you have reached the end game. There is nothing more to it and it is time to move on.

So, I chose a different route with JWA. Bring the whole pack to ‘team level’. I do not need to drop levels to play with a variety of Dinos in my stable. I stop leveling them in the 20 range. As I raise more up, I adjust levels so they are all about the same ‘strength’ and are compatible together. Example: For my style, Monolometrodon needs to be level 24 to battle alongside a level 20 Monosteg. If Monolo remained at level 20 is to frail to be a valued member of the fleet. If I leveled Monolo to 26 it would be unbalanced and be too strong.

I can create a Unique, it is team ready right at 21 and will mesh with that level 24 Monolo. If not, I can decide to go to 22 with it or push some others up a level to match it. I battle with each one and decide if it is fine where it is or needs to be adjusted. Current project is Grypolyth. It is at 21 and doing well but will be another week or so before I decide if it needs to go to 22. Mainly because I have not found its niche yet.

As pointed out, we cannot de-level so the decision as to what level they need to be takes time. I find enjoyment deciding which to level up more and which are fine at their current level. Once settled, I decide on the next project and create or level it up appropriately and try it out on the team. As I max out on storage, I level them up once to make room. Sooner or later they will be team ready!

If I was a trophy watcher my play technique would not work. If I was more competitive and vying for a top 10 slot it would also not be effective. I am happy being able to swap team members for a change of pace and put in something different. And you would be surprised how many wins a Majundasuchus can pull off.


Honestly the bugs need addressed asap… but they have to start taking the cheater issue seriously. L5 hunters need to be addressed.


Exactly this right here.

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