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The agony of creating Erlidominus


I Dont remember the agony of creating it :thinking:
Maybe because i used to unlock it at saint pattys?

Ah yeah I remember the many 10 fuses. Definitely a soul crushing experience. The only thing that saved me from endless 10s was getting a lot of Golden Freddy Chicken DNA out of an epic incubator. I still feel that it needs another attack. Just seems like something is missing.

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Ouch… trust me though, Gemini is worse when you have to farm it from sanctuary and still only get fuses of 10


Thor was a real kick in the pants to fuse DNA. Took forever to get mine. But then again I was relying on FIPing Tarbo DNA in the sanctuary because Tarbo was a lot harder to come by

I feel horrible about this actually. My 10 and 7 year old asked my advice back then what to dart. I told them indo. My 7 year old listened and got his. My 10 year old got half way to unlocking tryko.

Fast forward and now, like 3 indo events later, my 10 year old does most strike events easily, but my 7 year old sometimes struggles. Working on tryko, but his scorpion isnt created yet…

i really hope for the fair play of everyone,the next saint pattys will be the same! i mean the possibility to dart a lot of uniques

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Trust me, this thing is a PAIN to get. But it is well worth it. It’s incredible.

I doubt there will be another St. Pattys day event like last year. That completely broke arena battles for a long time.

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Poor kid :’(

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Same lol, got it to level 22 ez

I have the same problem with spyx but I always seem to get a 10 on spinoyx whenever I finally grind the 200 bary gen 2 from sanctuaries. The worst part is that I’m 7 dna points away from it, 7! It’s worse than my indoraptor being at 1 point away because at least I have it knowing I can still mutifuse once I get the dna for it.

a couple of weeks ago after more than 1 year playing the game, i created Diloracheirus, lol , Ourano was so hard to get for me and all the Diloranosaurus fusions to get him to level 20 were 10.

Not agony until it ends in 99


That hurts to look at, not gonna lie :joy:… at least you’ve got her.

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You’re not the only one