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The all time MOST TOXIC creature (Poll)

  • Testacornibus
  • Indoraptor g2
  • Dracoceratops
  • Scorpius Rex g3
  • Ceramagnus
  • Other

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Vote please.


Testa testa testa… if you are on the beach you will agree with me… soo toxic!!


I might be a boring match but it still requires more brain than the dc swaps.


Todays meta is super toxic with the combination of testa with other swap creatures.


Boosted Thor. Nothing else can wipe my team alone.


Good luck in lockwood phil! XDDD


Sometimes I juggle aviary and library.

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Not bad with a tournament oriented team xD

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Yeah I use 5 tournament creatures in my arena team.

Uniques have no boost. 5 others fully boosted.

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In ±4500 points maybe

As Testa only is relevant since 2.9, I do not yet hate it as much as Magnus.
But let’s see if Ludia acts faster on Testa as they do on Magnus. Players are complaining about Magnus since it has been released and still it has not been nerfed.

So the most annoying creature for me still is Magnus. Soon everyone has their 2734 attack Magnus ready by doing some ridiculously easy raids. Combine this with a crit rate that feels like 100% and the lovely changes to the resilient class…

Followed by Magnus is G3. Not because he does not have any counters, but because he makes so many creatures obsolete. You want to counter that annoying Testa with your Dio, Tryko, Entelolania, Thor or Mortem? Well, bad luck…

So thinking about it maybe the combination of Magnus, G3 and Testa is what makes the current arena so much “fun”.


You can kill cera with 1 or 2 movements. Testa can escape. Testa is more toxic. @Samzilla

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How comes Testa is not winning?

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Because the poll says “all time”, not “current”. DC was broken (may still be) for a good half a year before Ludia finally changed it. If Testa stays the way it is currently for another 5 or more months, then I’d have to rethink it, but OG DracoRAT takes the cake easy.


I am at the aviary but i agree how annoying a overboosted testa can be

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A boosted Indo gen 2 is the most annoying thing in this game. All they do is spam cautious strike. Before 2.9 this wasn’t a problem because we had resilient strike but nope not anymore.

I’ll still go with the deer though since it’s the only creature in the game where if I don’t have it’s counter on my team I’m GUARANTEED to get 0-3’d

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Orion says “Hi”.

Scorp G3 is the only toxic creature in the whole game. No other creature has Toxic Quills.


Indo G2 are so annoying to fight. All they do is spam cautious strike, then Distracting Impact when they’re about to die. Cautious strike is annoying by itself and near impossible to counter without a resilient, and there aren’t many great resilient legendaries.

dont forget compsocolus