The Alliance Thread

I was wondering how people are going about forming them?

What level/trophy count are you and what kinda teammates are you looking for ?

Are you a regular daily player or a casual player?

Are you reaching out to people or waiting to be found?

Lets get a head start and chat…


I am going with the lets see who will have me group going about my business until someone wants me

My dog and I are looking for a new member, you in :wink: :peanuts:

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Haha third wheeling

Hanging out in Lockwood/top 500. I’m gonna need someone to ally with because I literally know no one who plays this game haha.


Do we even know if they have a max size. If there quite small probably not join one.

Poke Fodder’s said on a video he would set one up. I’d prefer to join one with a leader who seems trustable.

I think they’ll be some with rules, commitments, forums, overly personal intrusion or compulsory DNA donations then kick. Hell is other people!

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Everyone will want to join pokers team so if there is a max size he would be selective of who he has


I’m looking to join Poke Fodder’s Alliance.


Personalize what the alliance is for will be first thing I think. There will be people prefer socialize than to exchange or donate dna, vice versa. I strongly sense the trending Ludia is going to drop tournament announce for different alliances.

In all honesty i think it would be best to have a alliance that has a few varied styles and trophy count

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I’d be happy to form an alliance and exchange dna and all but I don’t want to form an alliance that drastically change my game play, like in other games like clash royal with guilds they make you be super active and donate cards a bunch to maintain a good group and not get punished. I’m already active and play everyday but I don’t wanna be bossed around and stuff, so I’m looking for an alliance that becomes more of an addition to my game play experience than something that makes me feel heavily obligated to do a bunch of tasks to prevent my self from getting booted


I play alot when i ain’t working but won’t be running out midshift to do tasks or i may jist get sacked

Anyone with a bunch of Dimetrodon (rare) to spare can be my friend ^^

What do you offer in return? :joy:

Might have some spare if you got some baryonix on offer

Any newer players still working on Monomimus but being held back by lack of ability to collect Gallimimus DNA? Boy are you in luck!! Msg me when the update drops and I’m sure we can work something out :wink::ok_hand:


I’ve got 2,8k Ankylocodon, 1k Nodosaurus, 6k Delta, 2,6k Wuerho to spare ^^

@Liam_Catley the notes state that we’ll only be able to trade common and rare DNA. I’ve got 2,6k rare Baryonyx to trade, if that’s what you’re after ^^

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Haha my gallimimus is level 15 and not even going to look at monomimus now

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Oh yh forgot that part haha i am good with most of them got plenty but you got trex gen2 then?

Not really, sorry ^^ Mine’s Level 15 now and I intend to at least unlock Tenontorex and Tyrannolopho. If they lack the skills that I’m looking for, you can have every T-Rex2 afterwards :wink:

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