The Allongosauras

Made By… JustGiraffe3

It was supposed to have a long pointy beak so this was the best i could find. sry :slight_smile:

That’s too OP. Is this supposed to be level 26, or 30?


It looks pretty cool, but those states are weird. They aren’t standardized, so I have a lot of questions

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Little hp, high dmg

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Apple, this is at lvl 30

That’s actually pretty bad then

Yeah I know. i am really bad at doing these things, sry about that.

I’d say 4200 HP ad 1600 attack at level 26

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Wow, where does it get DI from lol? It should have long invincibility or a alanquaish move

That’s okay. It’s your first time doing it

Well No it isnt it is my second i also did raptronyx

Well, it’s more important to use Dinodex

Yeah ok that would be a good idea

What site/app are you guys making this on? I wanna try it.

this website is

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Thank you!