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The amazing disappearing moment of glory


For the third time in a row my moment of glory disappeared early.

First two times I had well over an hour left on the clock. This time I had at least half an hour.

Was able to complete 3, 12, 3 runs for last 3 moment of glory respectively before they disappeared.

Note the game did not crash, simply returned to the challenge spot and poof it was gone!

I posted on this topic for last moment of glory in which I noticed something very odd - in the final run before the challenge disappeared the reward changed from being centred around the specific character (think it was archer last time?) and changed to generic challenge rewards - rewards for a number of different characters.

There must be some bug from porting the code for a generic challenge and then changing it to be character specific …

Ps as someone else mentioned previously it would be far better for the timer on moment of glory to start when you start your first run not when you logon

I had the same problem. During the last one I reached out to support and I got a reward chest to make up for it. I appreciated it but the chest really didn’t do much for me. It happened again to me today. I had somewhere between 8 and 10 runs to go and at least 30-45 minutes left when the just disappeared

Perhaps I’ll get 3 chests :wink:

That would be nice… I probably won’t even send in a ticket this time… too lazy lol

I think moment of glory is getting worse. I understand now that the event triggers when you first log in for that day… however it didn’t happen for me for some reason. It isn’t until I went on my game in the afternoon, for some reason it just suddenly appeared… with about 1hr 30 mins remaining. And at that time I was constantly doing the other event that is currently going on, the double xp at frostsilver mines challenge. There’s no way I could’ve missed moment of glory appearing when i can do the xp challenge every 5 minutes.

I dunno… the event trigger is just seriously bad. I honestly think this needs a revision… but the devs don’t agree.

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It definitely has problems and mine disappeared with runs left to go and time on the clock, but to clarify, it isn’t the first time you log in for the day, it is the first time you log in after 2pm et

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Ok that could be why mine is disappearing, think I had ET time wrong

It starts at my 5am and runs to my 11am - not exactly convenient :wink:

It looks like rather than getting 2 hrs if you start anytime within that window it gives you a maximum of two hours but cuts off at the end of that window.

Mine cut off long before the time was up. I started it around 4ish et and lost it after just about 90mins

Yeah I’m not sure about mine now

Could have been ET time period end could have been bug