The Amber Market

This is just a short guide to the Amber market.

Amber is currently the only way to purchase most of the “permanently locked” dinosaurs.
There are some Hybrids that can only be created using some of these, so you will need 8 of these locked dinosaurs (or 9, if you want to keep all the dinosaurs on your roster) to fuse and create your Hybrid.
The good news is that once the Hybrid is created, it is unlocked in the market even if one or both of it’s parents are still locked.

The way to obtain Amber currently is to fight in the Boss Events. While all the Boss Events do provide Amber as one of the possible rewards, the 2 Events in which you have the highest chance of winning Amber are “Time to Strike” and “Battlefield Domination”.
Both these Events are unlocked by completing other Events in the game (like the daily VIP Event, Battle for Survival, Beasts of the Biodome, etc.).

Time to Strike:
This Boss Event is unlocked after completing any 2 other Events in the game.
Once unlocked, you get to fight 2 rounds, at 30 Dinobucks each, using 3 Bosses. Once you win both the rounds, you get to spin the Prize Wheel.
On the Prize Wheel, you have an almost 85-90% chance of landing on the card that gives you 9500 Amber.

You also have the option of spinning the Prize Wheel again for 15 Dinobucks.

So, there is a good possibility of getting 19000 Amber for 75 Dinobucks by winning this Boss Event.

Once you complete the Event, it is locked and will be unlocked once again after completing another 2 Events in the game.

Battlefield Domination:
This Boss Event is unlocked after completing any 10 other Events in the game.
Once unlocked, you get to fight 4 rounds, at 50 Dinobucks each, using 3 Bosses. Once you win the rounds, you get to spin the Prize Wheel.
Again, you have an almost 85-90% chance of landing on the card that gives you 9500 Amber on the Prize Wheel.

You also have the option of spinning the Prize Wheel again for 15 Dinobucks.

However, since the Prize Wheel is more or less the same as that of the “Time to Strike” Event, it makes more sense to compete in that Event instead.
You end up spending 215 Dinobucks for the same chance of winning 19000 Amber. If Dinobucks are not an issue, then this is another option to score Amber.

The Prize Wheel:
The Prize Wheel for the 2 Events generally consists of Jurassic Dinosaurs (from the Amber Market), the card for 9500 Amber and the “Battlefield Domination” Pack. I have not seen any Cenozoic or Aquatic Dinosaurs on the Prize Wheels.
If you score the “Battlefield Domination” Pack, you get 3 cards with 1250 DNA each and one Legendary Dinosaur.

The Battles
For the Boss Event battles themselves, I do not have any strategy tips. I have my Omega 9 at level 52 and my other 3 Bosses between levels 1 and 4, so the battles are always manageable for me. Using the “Revive” Mod for the Omega 9 always guarantees a win for me.
Which brings me to:

Levelling up your Boss:
When you level up your Boss to Level 40, you get a “Prestige”, which unlocks a Mod for your Boss and also gives you 20,000 Amber. You also get to level up your Boss further. The same happens when you level your Boss to 50.
This is the other way of getting a good haul of Amber.

Buying your dinosaurs with Amber:
Once you have sufficient Amber, you can go to the Amber Market and purchase copies of the locked Dinosaurs. The price ranges from 4450 to 56,500, so in order to level the dinosaurs up to 40, you end up needing a lot of Amber. This means that you will have to do the Boss Events many, many times.

The worst case scenario currently is if you want to create the Priotrodon Hybrid. You will need 8 Prionosuchus @ 53,000 Amber each and 8 Dimetrodon @ 55,500 Amber each, which works out to 868,000 Amber!
Still, given that the game is one of patience, if you don’t mind slogging through the Boss Events (“Time to Strike” in particular), you do expand your roster with the locked dinosaurs as well.

The bad news is that there are still dinosaurs that are not even available on the Amber market, like the Aerotitan. However, the Aerotitan has been a common reward for me on various Prize Wheels, so I have it maxed at level 40.

The Market
Here is a quick table of the dinosaurs available on the Amber Market, along with the price and which Hybrid they are a part of, if any. The table is sorted by the Price.

Dinosaur Kind Type Class Price Hybrid Fuse With
Tuojiangosaurus Jurassic Common Herbivore 4450 Nundagosaurus Nundasuchus
Coloborhynchus Jurassic Common Pterosaurs 4750 Limnorhynchus Limnoscelis
Pelecanimimus Jurassic Common Herbivore 5800 Pelecanipteryx Hatzegopteryx
Allosaurus Jurassic Rare Carnivore 8400 Allonogmius Bananogmius
Gigantosaurus Jurassic Rare Carnivore 8800 Giganocephalus Euoplocephalus
Nasuoceratops Jurassic Rare Herbivore 9300 Pachyceratops Pachycephalosaurus
Corythosaurus Jurassic Rare Herbivore 10600 - -
Pyroraptor Jurassic Rare Carnivore 11000 Carnoraptor Carnotaurus
Tyrannotitan Jurassic Rare Carnivore 12000 Suprannotitan Supersaurus
Onchopristis Aquatic Super Rare Surface 16500 - -
Leptocleidus Aquatic Super Rare Reef 19500 Leptostega Protostega
Euoplocephalus Jurassic Super Rare Herbivore 19750 Giganocephalus Gigantosaurus
Doedicurus Cenozoic Super Rare Cavern 22500 Megistocurus Megistotherium
Sarkastodon Cenozoic Super Rare Snow 22500 - -
Parasaurolophus Jurassic Super Rare Herbivore 23750 Parasaura Bonitasaura
Elasmosaurus Aquatic Super Rare Surface 25000 Geoelasmosaurus Geosaurus
Rajasaurus Jurassic Super Rare Carnivore 25750 Rajastega Ichthyostega
Supersaurus Jurassic Super Rare Herbivore 25750 Suprannotitan Tyrannotitan
Trinacromerum Aquatic Super Rare Reef 27000 - -
Metriorhynchus Jurassic Super Rare Amphibian 27750 Metrialong Guanlong
Entelodon Cenozoic Super Rare Savannah 29500 Entelorhacos Phorusrhacos
Baculites Aquatic Super Rare Caves 37000 - -
Suchomimus Jurassic Legendary Carnivore 40500 Suchoripterus Dsungaripterus
Sarchosuchus Jurassic Legendary Amphibian 47000 Koolasaurus Koolasuchus
Kronosaurus Aquatic Legendary Reef 47000 - -
Shunosaurus Jurassic Legendary Herbivore 47500 - -
Styxosaurus Aquatic Legendary Surface 51000 - -
Rhizodus Aquatic Legendary Cavern 52000 - -
Prionosuchus Jurassic Legendary Amphibian 53000 Priotrodon Dimetrodon
Dimetrodon Jurassic Legendary Carnivore 55500 Priotrodon Prionosuchus
Scapthoganthus Jurassic Legendary Pterosaurs 56500 - -

thanks for this lovely list!
The Battlefield Domination is not worth it as you said.


Not much to say here, this will be a useful guide to amber.

Been a long time, but I wish to explain why I don’t like the amber.
First of all, this is in my opinion. The only way I like amber is if it was for dinosaurs without hybrids, like Corythosaurus and Scapthoganthus, but to have two dinosaurs that only buy able through amber to make a hybrid that you buy with DNA is confusing to me. Anyways, you basically use 30 dollars to get 5,000 amber, which isn’t even enough to get one Allosaurus, which is a rare, but to get one Dimetrodon or Prionosuchus, you need to fight at least 10 fights, which uses 300 bucks. Then, after all of these fights, like @BestKeptSecret said, it takes

to just unlock their hybrid, which, if I did the math right, would cost 5,200 bucks, but only if I did the math right, which is still a lot of money.
But that not just the problem, amber isn’t even able to be trade for or to trade off, which also goes for the Super DNA, but amber doesn’t give very strong dinosaurs. Amber literally just gives you dinosaurs that help make better dinosaurs, that’ll all. Why have us waste our money to get amber, which only gives us dinosaurs that make hybrids that uses DNA? The Super Hybrids uses their Super DNA, but amber dinosaurs hybrids doesn’t, why?
LUDIA, if you do read this, can you some how explain the purpose of amber so I ain’t losing my mind.


It would be more like 3,450 (you can get 19,000 Amber for 75 bucks) but yea that’s still a lot

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really??? wow I didn’t know that. That’s gunna help a lot.

oh wait did you mean like from the boss events or is there an offer that pops up?

The 3v3 boss events. You typically land on amber on those spin wheels and to do an extra spin it’s 15 DB, so if you are looking to farm Amber that’s your best bet.

ahhh ok i see :+1: