The Anti-Chomp Unique Concept

I think I might’ve had the perfect idea to progress Diplovenator

What about Diploraptor? Pyrovenator? Dipyronator? Lol


Definite Strike
Precise Pounce
Distracting Impact
Instant Pinning Strike

1X Distracting Counterattack

3100 HP
1320 Attack
126 Speed
10% Critical
0% Armor

It could be our first Raptor Unique, and all that distraction would fit so well!


I like this already…

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My idea can also work as a DC counter as well.

Titanoboa epic

Health 4050
Attack 1500
Speed 129
Armour 0%
Critical 20%

Revenge Rampage ( Deal 2x damage. If the opponent uses a priority move or a swap in attack this turn, this move takes priority and has a 100% chance to stun target for 1 turn. Cooldown 2)

Suffocate ( Priority. Deal 1x damage. Targets speed reduced by 50% for 2 turns. Targets damage reduced by 50% for 2 turns. Target pinned for 2 turns. cooldown 2)

Titanoboa isn’t the Anti-chomp creature, but its hyrbid is.

Metrotitan ( Monolometrodon + Titanoboa) unique

Health 4200
Attack 1600
Speed 124
Armour 0%
Critical 20%


Definite Strike
Revenge Rampage
Tactical Rampage
Deal 2x damage. Nullify positive effects. Bypass armour. Opponents damage - 75% for 2 turns. Opponents speed -50% for 2 turns.
Delay 1 . Cooldown 3
Swap in Distraction


Maybe add a new passive Move
Passive distract reduce enemy damage by 10-25%


I really like that passive distraction, it Works a bit like Armor but a little different ( you now what I mean )
A creature with Armor and passive distraction would be verry cool!

I’ll think about a hybrid that has this

Nu the way I really like that hybrids tuophysis and dinomaster!

By the way I really like that hybrids tuophysis and dinomaster!

What is this?

I totally forgot i’d do it, but when I saw this topic I read it again and saw that I would make a hybrid that has Armor and passive distraction ( I call it intimidation ).
So here is my idea of that hybrid!:

Giganotosaurus ( not a hybrid, but a parrent of the hybrid )
Health 4500
Damage 1100
Speed 106
Armor 0%
Critical 5%

Vulnerability strike
Critical impact
Defence shattering rampage
Opponent’s damage reduced by 15%
Doesn’t effect immune creatures

Giganotosaurus + skoolasaurus
Health 4450
Damage 1000
Speed 104
Armor 30%
Critical 5%

Vulnerability strike
Defence shattering rampage
Distracting rampage
Short defence
Swap in nullification

Against creatures without immunity and Armor piercing or Defence shattering gigaskoola ( I don’t have a name yet) is incredably OP because with armor and intimidation it gets only 55% of the damage, and with shield it gets even less! but against the most immune creatures it
Is garanteeded to lose, because intimidation doesn’t effect Immune creatures and the most have defence shattering.

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