"The Apexes" Featuring The Four Original Apexes Of JWA

I made a thumbnail for a future video, and this is the result.

Thoughts on it?

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good, maybe put in the actual creatures and not their profile pictures

All of them (besides Hadros) has a render I can find and it feels weird letting Hadros be the only one in a card, at least for me

It’s very pixalated and low resolution, which is very ugly IMO. Although that might just be an upload error. The background could also be grey and gold, to match the Apex color. Other than that, looks good.

I didn’t use my usual thumbnail maker, so that’s probably the issue with the pixels. As for a gray background, that sounds like a good idea.

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Thought this was going to be some kind of sitcom pitch :joy::joy::joy:

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