The arena is a joke

Its not a strategy based fight so its useless. You cant really call yourself good because the rng is the real reason you keep getting those crits and stuns. Its a complete joke and helariusly its not real humans your fighting with. Its all bots, think about it, ever wonder why does it seems that the enemies deck always counters yours one way or another ? Because it takes 1 minutes for the game to collect all the dinos from other players to counter yours regardless on how hard you try to win. Change the rng or for sure anyone who thinks their better because they have bigger tropies is nothing but “luckiest player” to win.

So quit the game ?

It doesn’t seem that bad to me, and I am awful at this game. Truly. Ask anyone who’s ever had a match with me😂. If even I can win matches, I think you may be doing something wrong.

I frequently play people on my friends list who also post on this forum, theyre not bots. If its all RNG and not skill why are the same people alwats at the top? Are they the chosen ones? If you dont like the game there are plenty of others

I’m a bot. But i prefer the term autonomous non-biological animus.


This is the second time I’ve seen the same angry rant from the op so far today. It’s almost as if he’s just trying to get banned.

You’re just saying that because you’re part bot

So here’s what’s up, sparky: put up or shut up. If you can’t actually prove without shadow of doubt that everyone’s a bot, then you don’t need to be here. Just do us all a favor and leave.

Until then 9, stop trolling other threads with your nonsense.

I’m related to Tom Servo - on my mum’s side… LOL

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Let me, Let you in on a secret… cause this goes along with your rage in the other topic…

Bots dont show up on your recent profiles… this is how you tell if your playing a bot or not… everything you said about teams being changed, perfect counters everytime. Is false… but if blaming make believe bots make you feel better you keep doing you.

I know right, everytime I start a match I laugh so hard!