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The Arena is Beyond Broken

So this screen sat here for a while…obviously I cannot pick a move or swap.

But then something happened!

Ahh yes, the Phorus resurrection move. Ok. Well I guess I’ll swap to Tryk since everyone else is dead.

Oh wait. Thats fine. Just send in the dead Dioraja. Sure why not.

Its fine. I’ll just give trophies away because the game is legit broken worse than ever before.

JWA 2.0? More like JWA Poo.0

This should go to “game help and support” as it is a more than obvious error


So it gets buried with 100s of other posts. No thanks. Doesn’t matter where its posted. Nothing changes.

Wait…Nullyfing strike with delay? Excuse me what de hell :rofl:

It worries me that it what you gathered from all that.