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The arena is broken...?

Before the Tuesday update, I was battling creatures at the same level as my creatures. But now all the creatures im battling are 4 levels higher than mine. My creatures are level 21 to 23 but I’m battling creatures level 26 and 27. What’s the deal?! (No, I didn’t have overly boosted dinos before)


With a boost reset and change, everyone is trying to figure out what the standings should be now. It will take a week or two to settle down.

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By the looks of things your creature is boosted where your opponents isn’t. Making the actual gap smaller than it seems…


It’s been every battle. And I’ve been battling lots of boosted 26 and 27s. It doesn’t make sense.

To me is the same.
Today I’ve put aside my pride and tried again 15 battles in sequence, no matter the odds.
Always faced 23-25 lvl boosted dinos with my 17-20 unboosted.

I think the matchmaking has changed again: now it seems matching stronger teams against weaker teams with an unknown criteria.

With the reset of boosts you still are battling opponents within your old trophy range. You were artificially high in trophies due to boosts and the MM algorithm, this is the adjustment period.

You are currently at 5000 Trophies with a crew of average level 22. You likely boosted some that gave a huge stat increase due to boosts and gave a much lower “strength” rating due to rarity. Example: Boosting Epic, Rare and Legendary and they have now lost that MM and strength advantage. If you check other Alliances for teams in that range, they are about what you are battling, mid level 20’s Unique. You are likely being match on trophy count alone, as there are no teams within your “strength” MM zone now.

I am in the opposite aspect of the reset. I was artificially low in trophies because I did not boost, and now I am rising in trophies. With boosts, I was battling and losing to boosted level 17 to 20 Rare, Epic and Legendary. With the reset I am now automatically being matched with opponents in their new MM “strength” zone. My “strength” rating did not change, theirs did due to losing boosts. They were still all lower level but much higher in trophies. My opponents were being selected from the high end of my trophy count for MM. When I check my recent opponents, they are all much higher in trophies than I am. They will fall in trophies to find their new trophy range, as you will.

As I rose in Trophies, I started getting matched against opponents with similar creature levels. As you lose trophies you will start being matched against creatures more in line with your team level. You need to battle until you find your new trophy range in the new system.

I am curious what the visible trophy count of your opponents is.


This is who I just battled.

Aside from the level 29 Eina, that is about what I have been seeing in the 5000 range. Eina may give them a lower MM score due to rarity: Rare versus Unique.

This one has almost 200 trophies more than me, and all of their creatures are a higher level than mine except their maxima. That level 26 indo was boosted and 3-0 my team.

What trophy count are you at? If it’s close to his, then that is a player who will be climbing fast so you shouldn’t need to worry about him. People still getting into their respective trophy zone I guess

My trophy count is 48 something

That could still be a little high for your current crew. My level 22 – 23 Unique crew climbed from 4200 to 4761 since the reset. I think I am a bit too high and should settle down around 4600. I have been matched with similar level teams, but they are still relying on the strength they had when boosted. I have also faced teams similar to what you have been posting. They are a challenge but make for some good matches that can go either way, depending on my luck of the draw.

False information

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I see you’re still rocking the level 30 apato. She still doing well for you?

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Arena is fine. Having great battles. Sure some hiccups along the way as it settles. But if you are constantly fighting higher level dinos it means you are too high or you have extremely bad luck facing them all as they climb up.

Some of those high levels probably just got knocked down from library because they havent boosted themselves while others have. I have a avg lvl 25 team and I range from where you are to low library.

Oh and for the millionth time, that trophy count doesn’t mean anything. Especially now. So quit using it as something to blame

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Apato is a beast! No one expects the dreaded Pinning Strike!


Did you boost it?

Nope. Never applied a single boost to anything, ever.


How many boosts do you have in total? When they did the reset, each of mine were in the 2ks

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