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The arena may be glitched!

The arena may be glitched! I’ve won 20 battles against players with Defense bellow 4000. And I keep encountering more players with less than 4000 defense. I’ve had this kind of luck when arena first came out (I got 13 wins in a row before I encountered opponents tougher than me). Now, I got almost double that. I rerolled multiple times to get tougher opponents but I keep getting weak opponents.

It is not glitched, those are not real players but fake players added so that you have someone to fight even if everyone is using runes protection, they can be identified by their two words name.

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Also, they don’t show up in the list of the top 200.

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Wait this is normal and not a glitch? If it’s not a glitch then why am I not encountering legit STRONG players that are tougher than me? I keep hitting reroll and I keep getting these fake players.

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You are getting arena bots either because there is no one in your trophy bracket or most players around you have protection active.

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I’ve tried to refresh multiple times but I got bots again, so that could tell me there is no in my bracket. If most players around me have active protection then that’s a lot of players.

Enjoy the bots while they last. They are easy tokens and trophies. I personally would like a mode just with bots. Maybe half the rewards but easy farming in exchange.


i have the opposite problem, im literally always paired with 6000-7000 when im 4900… this wasnt the case in the last seasons, and i cant advance at all now. the lowest team ive gotten is 5200


It seems copper and bronze are full of 6k-7k teams.


I wish my arena was glitched :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Most of the opponents have like 2000 more power, I once found someone with 6000+…it takes a long time to find someone with 1900-2300

LMAO :rofl::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
How do I beat that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Oh don’t worry, I’ve been trying to find a fair match forever, of course I can only find opponents who are 1500-2000 points stronger than me… Ludia, please fix this, I don’t want to battle people who are hundreds of points stronger than me.

matchmaking based on BP alone wouldn’t really be feasible (cuz which would you take? the Bp of each players 5 highest dragons? what if those aren’t the dragons they generally use in their team? How about the team they search with? people could then just put some low lvl dragons in their team at first and once they find a match switch them out for their highest lvl’ed ones)

Thats why they go for the simplest/fairest option and just do matchmaking based on trophies.


Based on trophies? Tell me, what more of a fair fight? A battle where both people has equal levels and equal numbers of rarity dragons or a battle where you have a Quarry Razorwhip fight against Skullcrusher, Barf and Belch, Lightfury, Couldjumber and toothless? In my eyes, trophy amount doesn’t matter, dragon power DOES.

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And that’s one of the reasons why you are allowed to reroll your opponent so you can still try to fight someone of the same BP.

And like i said the problem with your suggestion is that there is just no feasable way for the devs to implement a matchmaking system based on BP that couldn’t be abused by the higher lvl’d players.

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I know you can reroll, however, sometimes even when you use all 3 of your rerolls, neither of the 4 teams will be your size. I can understand why Ludia goes by trophy count, but for real. It pains players a lot because they just can’t go up because all they can find are people that are thousand points stronger than them.

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Arena is… well…

I am at 58xx now and do not hesitate to attack up to 1000 more dp. Depends on having the streak or not. No streak no risk of losing it.

I encountered Teams well over 7k in dp. Especially the first few days it’s a lot of rerolling necessary until you find a match that does not inhale your dragons in two moves…

Getting better later.

I feel like the Arena is also glitched because I’ll be winning a battle and then it will freeze and I have to flee. Could someone please look into this. Thank you so much. Fun game!!

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My issue is that if I have 6 people I can revenge on they all go away after I complete a daily activity. If my next one is say win 50 trophies and I completed it and collect it the other 5 people I could have revenged are no longer available to battle witch doesn’t seem to be far that I could be missing out 4 to 500 trophies all because I did an activity

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