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The arena suks


Seriusly all ive been getting is non stop bs, the enemy keep getting crits non stop and for somereason some of them have 5 dinos i gdmn count it. This is getting more and more stupid. I hate this so gdmn much. Change the crappy system Jesus Christ. I cant not think twice whether or not i should play thr arena. I wish i was wrong but not. This is purely by chance not ur playing skills. Its more annoying rather the. Competitive.


RNG Happens!

T’aint right, t’aint fair, t’aint proper but it is what it is.


The ones that have multiple dinos and copies are usually bots, I fought AI as there were no opponents available and they had 2 indominus’


The game as a whole is RNG based. Each and every thing that you could think of.

L30 got beaten by L24 because of stun, dodges, and crits…:sweat_smile:… Where does skill played a role (in these instances).

I’m living to all these by the day. Live goes on. Enjoy the game while it lasts - though I believe it may not last too long (too self centric Dev i.e. bugs negatively affecting players are not fixed; bugs that make players happy are immediately fixed)…


Yeah, I don’t see this game lasting to 1 year mark. How can a business completely disregard its customers and expect to stay in business?