The arena. What do you think?

Very simple anonymous poll about what the arena is to you now and what you want it to be.

What best describes the arena?

  • A strategy game - Out thinking your opponent
  • A gambling game- luck of the draw, hoping you get the better “cards”

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What do you want the arena to be?

  • A strategy game -winning based more on skill
  • A gambling game - winning based more on luck and a RNG

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Question 2 needs a third option - a bit of both, in my opinion.

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Yes, two options forces people to select which one best describes the arena. I did not want too many shades of grey in the polls. The comments will offer more details on players opinions.

Edit: I actually wrote question two as “base more on” rather than complexly on. As there is some of each in both. Ying yang kind of thing

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Hmm :thinking:. For your 1st question, I believe it starts out as random. You don’t know which dinos are chosen and you don’t know what your opponent has.

Once that part is settled then you actually need some skill, and luck to compete and win. You can’t just hit random buttons hoping to win. You need to plan and try to think one step ahead of your opponent.

As for the second question, Iccan’t answer your poll as I think it is a bit of both and I would like it to remain as such. Some randomness, thrown in with skill/strategy.

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I cannot argue your point. If it was a 100% gamble then it would be possible to just set the phone down, walk away and win a battle. That almost never happens. There are times when skill has played a major role in defeating my opponent like the old draco meet my thylo swap. Also, times when my opponent surprises me by not going for the crutch move and using a 1x slowing attack or something to gain the advantage and win. This is very rare. A combination of immune creatures, every other turn crutch moves and boosting things to the moon and back; skill has little room to operate.

10% luck, 20% skill. :slight_smile:

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And 70% RNG?


I’d like to say a bit of both, but a few things happen that make me ponder if it’s all just luck.

I took down this team recently, (I think I fought Tenonto, Erlidom, and Dilorach) got 25 trophies for it :
With my team (I think I had Gemini, Erlidom, Spyx and Kapro or something):

If I didn’t have my best picks, I would have lost guaranteed. Worst I could have gotten in that match would have been Tenontorex, Carnotarkus, Kapro, and Gemini. Also, my Erlidom is a monster so that too factored in a lot, so maybe I drew the better cards.

Bit of both I think for both questions

I have some really good close battles and think afterwards “Why didn’t I/you do that so I/you could have won” then there are some where I just get destroyed because of opponents getting there ace (crutch Thor)

Don’t mind a bit of RNG. Apart from crits I just design teams to counter other major RNG which is mainly Dodge recently

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I would definitely say more luck.

Quite often I get my worst possible team chosen, and my opponent will get their best. After all, what can I do if they get their only level 30 highly boosted Thor but my team consists of my weakest 4 team members? Not a lot I can do.

Likewise with trophies. Win a match, get 23. Lose a match, lose 38. Someone already debunked the theory that level/boosts mattered by facing off against the same person in back to back matches whilst also losing/receiving a different amount of trophies each time.

I do believe a lot of people would be a lot higher (and the arena a lot balanced) if we could just pick our team members. But I know the majority don’t want that, because of the boosts.

It should be based on SKILL, not LUCK, skill > luck, also luck is something you cannot control, so don’t feel down if you loose to luck because luck is something you CANNOT control.


I believe it is truly a gambling game over strategy. I think that is the main downfall with arena. You have RNG that can deal you a great hand of dinos one moment and then deal you a bad hand of dinos. With boosts it basically makes it very low browed and easy to sway the win in or against your favor. Just how I look at it. Also let’s not forget that Ludia started out with casino games, so they know how to trigger that gambling bug really well.


Why was this moved to battle arena from general discussion? Were you trying to hide this topic as best as you can? Sweep it under the rug to be ignored?

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It is in general discussion now. Lol

70% grinding for that 10th kill.

I moved it back

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or 70% matchmaking algorithm predetermining the winner


That’s a tin foil hat accusation that you cannot prove. Then again - nobody can disprove it either! :thinking:

RNG = No fun.

Game is dead if you think they’ve made these changes for the better. All Ludia wants is continue feeding the idiots who pay for nothing

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