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The ARK: Multi-Alliance Recruit and Farewell

Are you tired of looking/scanning the forum for a high achieving alliance with an open spot for you?

We, Nerds, are keen strategists that strives to push boundaries with JWA tactics both in missions and sanctuaries. Sanctuaries has been the pinnacle of the game since it’s induction as it brought complexity, DNA, strategy, and competition.

Nerds, along with many other strategic alliances offer you a new venue in finding a one stop location to join teams that has strategy under the belt.

If you’re a player(s) that wants to be strategic and is seeking a spot(s) with several strategic teams of JWA, we can offer that to you with our multi-alliance Co-Op teams.

What Nerds have put together is the following:

A systematic approach to voting and ensuring variety and meta are satisfied across all end players (whether you’re just starting or you are meta driven).

Two 20s built from the ground up to reduce the redundancy of dinos, satisfaction of needs from votes, and to prevent folks not keen on strategy from going rogue with dino placement(s)

Compare the Co-Op final sanctuaries images below to what was the setup planned above:

If you like what you see then head on over to The ARK (Alliance Recruit Korner) on discord to see when you can join the awesome teams that are part of this collaboration. Our success can only improve with more strategists on board. We are not done with sanctuary strategy and there’s always more to come!


Once A Nerd, Always A Nerd!


P.S. It has been a great pleasure to have been on the forum sharing my 2 cents here and there but moving forward I will put my focus where it matters most with my Nerd friends and the awesome teams that has joined the ARK and made the journey more worthwhile.

Farewell to the moderators, Ludia staff, my DPG forum friends, readers, and strategists. I’ll see you on the other side someday!


Well done sir! This is amazing!!

I just came back to this forum when I read it was your “farewell” (after checking the patch notes). I’m not quite sure if this is your farewell from the game or only from the forum, but in any case will leave my piece for you.

I consider you one of the best contributors to the game community regarding game mechanics (if not the best contributor), and all your helpful info will be missed.

All the best with your future endeavours. Hfgl!