The art of disappointment

This game is sooooo annoying. Here’s my “awesome” reward for making renown 9. I literally cannot use any of that junk aside from the gold.

So stupid.

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I guess I can use the epic pants if I get another 38 of them…

I’m also just always thinking about quitting because Ludia is a disappointing company with lame legendary armors and other gear, a dumb matching mechanism, and seemingly no interest in addressing those two problems.

And stupid server issues.

The epic pants are the best, and the common hat super useful vs bosses and in PvP. Of course you need to upgrade them…this will be easy once you have gained some more levels

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those common swords hit like a mac truck once at lvl 13, first hit 150% dmg…and then a 75% chance to do another hit at 300%…you basically have a 75% chance to one shot any character in pvp


Data always seems to run better than wifi no matter how good the connection

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