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The badlands and lockdown with the new 20/40 system

After spending 2-3 hours battling today I realized how much people hate the 20/40 system.

I gained 20 trophies 2 times and before those lost more than 25-30 trophies.

I never gained more than 35 trophies because of the new system.

The badlands and lockdown are one of the top 5 arenas affected by the new system.

Reasons why badlands is badly affected

  1. I have a lvl. 20 Indominus and I fought lots of lvl. 14-17 creatures.

  2. Face against so many Lower players and gain 20-29

  3. Uncommonly face higher players to gain more

  4. Low level epic hybrids

  5. Lower ranked players having high level Velosrhacos or erlikogamma

By doing more battles 20/40 has a strat that is nearly impossible to use.

I want more evidence of Badland players fighting lower ranked players having velosrhacos and erlikogamma at a high level.

Note: 12/29
Velosrhacos or erlikogamma at a high level.

Should I do the same

  • Yes
  • No

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This is your option

You have a lvl 20 Indom in Badlands??? What are you still doing there?

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Well now im in lockdown now