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The badlands!


So sick and tired of playing the game and every time in badlands I go up against dinos that are 7 levels higher than mine I even faced a level 20 indoraptor when I only have 2170 trophies but keep goin up against dinos way too strong for me to advance anywhere and also the battles are glitchy really bad now

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Not trying to be negative but the dinos only get stronger in the higher arenas. It wont get easier.

Also, there is no such thing as a level 20 indoraptor


Agreed, the arenas have serious issues. People dropping because they’re tired of the win 5/lose 10 streaks, and the other issue is cheaters that finally get a team built, then enter the arena with high level creatures.
Then there are those that claim you don’t know how to play or just don’t have a balanced team so you got higher in arena than you should be.

I’m in lower Lockwood, I either get teams that are easily beat because they have no clue what they’re doing, or I’m seriously outnumbered by luck of the draw, crits and dodges.

Did you mean indoraptor or indominus rex? They’re easily confused for someone at the badlands level.